Understanding Stress and Attorney Relations

Ask a hundred attorneys what stress is and you will get a wide variety of answers many of them quite close to the accepted definition. Stress is the reaction of your mind and body ...

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Westlake Goes Above and Beyond for DUI Trial

In another case reported in The Rockbridge Advocate, a Westlake Legal Group client was charged with a DUI and refusal, both of which the jury could not convict. Westlake Legal Group “challenged the jurisdiction of the court . . . filed a motion to suppress the evidence. There were two trials in the General District Court . . . seve...

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Judge Defends His Nearly 1 Million Dollar Sanction on Lawyer

Summary: Insurance defense attorney Nancy Raynor was sanctioned with nearly $1 million after a witness referred to the banned reference of smoking in a medical malpractice suit.

Many lawyers in Philadelphia are concerned after Judge of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas rejected attorne...

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