Southern California Institute of Law Files Yet Another Lawsuit Against State Bar

A lawsuit was dismissed by U.S. District Judge James V. Selma in August that claimed the California State Bar violated the civil rights of a law school because it revised the state’s accreditation standards in 2012 to include a 40 percent bar passage rate by law school graduates over a five-year p...

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Statement on Twitter Lands Courtney Love in Court


A defamation lawsuit is being heard in a Los Angeles courtroom on Wednesday over a statement Courtney Love made on .


The lawsuit brought by Rhonda Holmes and the San Diego-based law firm o...

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Family Sues after DirecTV Service Call Answered by Sex Offender

A Dallas family finally sued DirecTV after their service call was answered by a registered sex offender who took photos of their 12-year-old girl. Though they initially sought to discuss the matter with DirecTV, they received no response, and finally filed the suit on the eve of the Statute of Limitations, last Friday.


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Man Sues after Waking from Colonoscopy Dressed in Pink Panties

Summary: A man in Delaware awoke from a colonoscopy dressed in pink women’s underwear, and so is suing.

A Delaware man woke up from a colonoscopy to find himself dressed in pink women’s underwear. Now he’s suing.

Andrew Walls, 32, filed the suit just two days before the statue ...

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Samsung Sues Nvidia over Patent Infringment, False Advertising

Summary: Samsung countersues Nvidia over alleged patent violations and false advertising.

After Nvidia sued Qualcomm and Samsung a couple months back for infringements of their patented GPU technology, they expected to be sued back. And on this, they were right, Samsung has sued them in tur...

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