Woman Accusing Lawyer Rubenstein of Rape Writes Graphic Letter

Summary: The rape allegations against prominent lawyer Sanford Rubenstein have been described in detail by a letter from the alleged victim.

The case of the woman who is accusing a prominent New York city defense lawyer of rape intensified last Tuesday as she hand-delivered a letter detaili...

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Lawyer Defends Cosby against Rape Claims

Summary: Bill Cosby’s lawyer responds to return of rape allegations.

Though the allegations are old, they have yet again returned to haunt 77-year-old Bill Cosby. Never criminally charged, nevertheless over a dozen women have accused him of sexual assault. Though these alleged incidents h...

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Detroit Fires Pension Fund Lawyer after Scandal

Summary: Detroit fires lawyer Joseph Turner and his firm after scandal.

Detroit is attempting to make a clean sweep from the sort of corruption and incompetence that contributed to the city’s colossal bankruptcy. This may be part of their motivation for firing a lawyer connected to a brib...

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Lawyer Remotely Connected to Bin Laden’s Death Killed in Retribution

Summary: A lawyer for the doctor associated with Bin Laden’s death has been killed by a militant group.

Mere association counts as complicity in the minds of certain Pakistani militant groups. After all, they’ve just killed the former lawyer for a doctor who helped the CIA look for bin ...

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Foley & Lardner Partner Avoids Supreme Court Punishment

Summary: The U.S. Supreme Court has dismissed disciplinary action against a Foley & Lardner lawyer.

The U.S. Supreme Court will not be trifled with. Only Monday did they dismiss disciplinary action against partner for submitting a petition with questionable language. The petition was ...

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Veteran Legal Recruiter Gives Seven Reasons Why Practicing Law May be Worse than Being in a POW Camp

Summary: An introduction to Harrison Barnes’ article about what it is like to be a lawyer nowadays.

In his article, you might go in expecting a gentle tease about how darn stressful it is being a lawyer nowadays. Be forewarned: the tone is more sober. The title isn’t even ironic. Harr...

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Indicted State Auditor Pays his Lawyers in Stolen Money

Summary: Lawyer Mark Bartlett is facing a motion to determine if the money his client paid him, which was stolen, renders representation a conflict of interest.

What to do when the money your client pays you counts as evidence against him? Attorney is faced with this conflict in representi...

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