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6 gardening apps to use this planting season

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Photo by Neslihan Gunaydin

Gardening may seem easy, but there is a lot that goes into getting a bountiful harvest. Everything from soil conditions, watering and pests play a role and that can be very daunting for a first timer. Luckily there are tons of resources to help you pick the right plants for your home, without dealing with the stress of an unsuccessful garden. Here are six gardening apps to help beginners (and experts) plant the perfect garden this summer.

Perennial Match 
Skip the vegetable garden and go floral. When picking flowers most people go for looks, but this app shows you which plants can grow together and what conditions are best for peak bloom. // Available on iOS; $4.99

Garden Answers Plant ID
Identify the plants around your home and neighborhood in a snap. If you find some plants you like, just take a picture and find out the info and where to buy it. If you have any additional questions, you can use the app to ask an expert horticulturist. // Available on Android and iOS; free 

From Seed To Spoon 
This app has everything you need to plant the perfect garden. Find everything you need to know about your plants, including growing requirements, recipes and seed information. If you notice pests are getting in the way of your harvest, identify them on the app and see what suggestions are given to get rid of the problem. // Available on Android and iOS; free

Garden Manager
Never forget to water your plants again. Garden Manager allows you to set alarms for when to water, fertilize or harvest your plants and leave notes for each plant. Track the growing process of your garden with pictures, measurements and weather conditions as a comparison for next year’s crop. // Available on Android; free

Sowing Calendar
If you are a first-time gardener, this app will help you keep track of optimum sowing and harvesting dates. Find all the information you need on your fruit and veggie plants, from info on how long the plant takes to mature to what other plants are compatible in close areas. // Available on Android; free

GrowIt! The Plant Community
Connect with fellow gardeners through the GrowIt! app. Get expert tips from the gardening community and share the progress of your own garden. Along with the social aspect, the app offers plant identification and tips for what can grow in your area and how to grow it. // Available on Android and iOS; free

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