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Westlake Legal Group > Brian Stelter  > Ayanna Pressley Goes On Racially Tinged, Homophobic Rant at Netroots Nation

Ayanna Pressley Goes On Racially Tinged, Homophobic Rant at Netroots Nation

Netroots Nation continues to not disappoint. We’ve seen all manner of crazy exhibit itself at the mainline progressive conference, from Ilhan Omar saying Palestinian opposition is “non-violent,” to an abortion being demonstrated on a watermelon.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley showed up as well to do the typical rah-rah liberal but this time it got a little out of hand.

Well, alright then.

Let’s game out some hypothetical. Imagine for a moment that this was a Republicans making such callous and dismissive remarks of minority groups. Let’s pretend it’s Ted Cruz at CPAC and he launches into a rant about how “we don’t need brown faces” and “we don’t need queers” who don’t ascribe to his exact political ideology. How would that be received? Would it be a major scandal? Would CNN’s Brian Stelter literally need smelling salts?

Heck, the phrasing alone would have been enough to garner at least 48 hours of indignation from the media if this were a Republican. “We don’t need queers?” I thought the Q word was off-limits for straight people? I mean, we just learned that a few weeks ago when Ben Shapiro got hit for logically proclaiming that he doesn’t understand the rules surrounding the word. Why is it acceptable for a straight woman to yell at gay men and women that she doesn’t need them if they don’t think like her?

Worse, she doesn’t think these brown, black, Muslim, and queer people should even have a voice in the conversation of national politics. That sounds pretty racist and homophobic to me if we are using the contemporary standards set form by modern society.

None of this sat well with some, for obvious reasons.

This is all especially ironic given the current outrage over Donald Trump’s latest tweet storm. We are currently in the middle of a full blown freak out of his supposed racism for sloppily attacking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “squad.” Wall to wall coverage is ensuing with the media demanding reaction from every Republican office holder down to your local dog catcher.

Meanwhile, a Democrat Congresswomen can tell entire races, as well as gay people and Muslims that she wants them to shut up and go away if don’t agree with her and it’s all good. No coverage. No outrage. Not even a question of whether her phrasing was off. It’s like it never happened.

This is why the latest demands to condemn Donald Trump will fall on mostly deaf ears. The left and their media enablers have spent decades building ridiculous double standards. These are the same people who couldn’t even be bothered to push back on Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic comments. But now I’m supposed to respond with righteous indignation of Trump and proclaim he’s a racist for simply being the bull in a china shop he’s always been? Yeah, sorry, not playing that game.


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