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Broke: Carlos Danger. Woke: Pierre Delecto

Westlake Legal Group romney-up Broke: Carlos Danger. Woke: Pierre Delecto twitter The Blog Pierre Delecto Mitt Romney fake carlos danger

File this under Too Good To Check. It turns out that Mitt Romney (or possibly one of his aides, probably both) has been running a fake Romney supporting Twitter account for years. He’s even admitted to it after being outed by a reporter at Slate. But it’s the name that really gives this story that special chef’s kiss. Mitt went with “Pierre Delecto” as his pseudonym. And I think we can all admit that it’s about the best fake Twitter name imaginable. (WaPo)

For years, Pierre Delecto’s presence on Twitter largely went unnoticed. Operating a bare-bones account with the handle “@qaws9876,” the user’s limited activity only revealed an interest in politics — namely supporting Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah). So when “Pierre Delecto” started trending Sunday on the social media platform, people were understandably confused.

“Why are we talking about Pierre Delecto,” one person asked.

“WTH is a Pierre Delecto & why is everyone going crazy about it?” another wanted to know.

On Sunday, Twitter users lost their collective minds when they learned that “Pierre Delecto” wasn’t a bot or a random Romney superfan, but an account created by the Republican senator himself.

Romney took the account private almost immediately, but give him credit for owning up to it with style. When asked if he was really the account owner, Mitt answered “C’est moi.”

As “scandals” go, I’m not sure that this one winds up amounting to much. I suppose it’s technically a violation of Twitter’s rules about using fake identities so they could cancel it if they wanted to, but what’s the point now, really?

Also, it’s not as if he’s being accused of posting pornography or anything really salacious. All he appears to have been doing is “liking” tweets critical of President Trump or saying things to defend himself. (By that I mean the actual Mitt Romney, not Delecto.) As a side note, Romney’s wife Ann allegedly also has a fake account under the name of “Patience Darling” which is also private.

Here’s the interview in the Atlantic where Mitt let the cat out of the bag. What’s curious is why he decided to mention it unless he planned on making the fake account public anyway.

He explained that he uses a secret Twitter account—“What do they call me, a lurker?”—to keep tabs on the political conversation. “I won’t give you the name of it,” he said, but “I’m following 668 people.” Swiping at his tablet, he recited some of the accounts he follows, including journalists, late-night comedians (“What’s his name, the big redhead from Boston?”), and athletes. Trump was not among them. “He tweets so much,” Romney said, comparing the president to one of his nieces who overshares on Instagram. “I love her, but it’s like, Ah, it’s too much.”

Reading that through for a second time, maybe Mitt really didn’t think that he would be found out. Yes, he admitted to having a secret “lurker” account, but he didn’t give up the name. But saying exactly how many other accounts Delecto followed and then including a number of names meant that a dogged reporter would be able to narrow it down pretty quickly. And that reporter was Slate’s Ashley Feinberg.

So what’s our takeaway from all this? Not much, really. It’s a funny story, but it doesn’t have nearly as much meat on the bone as Carlos Danger’s online adventures. I’m confident that Feinberg must have downloaded all of Pierre Delecto’s tweets before it was taken private and if there was anything really incendiary in there we’d already know about it.

The post Broke: Carlos Danger. Woke: Pierre Delecto appeared first on Hot Air.

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L.A. business owner gets 4 months in Varsity Blues scandal

Westlake Legal Group prison L.A. business owner gets 4 months in Varsity Blues scandal Varsity Blues USC The Blog scandal prison fake

Although his name isn’t as recognizable as some of the celebrities caught up in the Varsity Blues scandal, Deven Sloane was certainly wealthy enough to take part in the scam. As the owner of the Los Angeles water systems company AquaTecture, Sloane was able to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars to a fixer to get his son into USC on a water polo athletic scholarship, though apparently the boy had no idea how to play water polo. Now the judge has wrapped up the case, sentencing the father to four months in prison and various additional penalties. (Associated Press)

A Los Angeles business executive was sentenced Tuesday to four months in prison for paying $250,000 to get his son admitted to the University of Southern California as a fake water polo recruit.

Devin Sloane, 53, pleaded guilty in May to a single count of fraud and conspiracy. He is the second parent sentenced in a sweeping college admissions scandal that has ensnared dozens of wealthy mothers and fathers.

U.S. District Judge Indira Talwani also ordered Sloane to perform 500 hours of community service over two years of supervised release and pay a fine of $95,000.

Authorities say Sloane helped fabricate documents depicting his son as an international water polo star even though he had never played the sport. He bought water polo gear online, investigators found, and staged action photos of his son in the family’s swimming pool.

The prosecutors had been asking for one year in jail, but none of the defendants thus far seem to be taking the heaviest fall they might. While four months may seem like a long time for those not accustomed to life behind bars, given his lack of priors, with good behavior he might be out in eight to ten weeks.

But on top of that, he’ll need to pay a nearly $100K fine and do 500 hours of community service over two years of probation. One assumes he will have learned his lesson.

The fact that he was willing to plead guilty, acknowledge his crime and apologize probably played into the lighter sentence being handed down. The difference between Sloane and Felicity Huffman, who was previously sentenced to just two weeks, is described as being due to the fact that Huffman hid her scheme from her child. Sloane actively recruited his son into the plot, having him pose for photographs in the pool and pretending to be a water polo athlete.

Does this feel like fitting punishment for the crime? Karen has written a lot more about this scandal than I have, partly because I found the whole thing distasteful, but also not that compelling. I’ll confess that my first reaction was one of… “meh. Just rich people doing rich people stuff.” The only difference here was that they got caught. The wealthy can gain all sort of advantages like this through perfectly legal means just by paying for a new wing on the college library or hospital. Families of more modest means will never be able to compete with that.

That doesn’t mean that Sloane and the others shouldn’t be punished. They “robbed” other students who worked hard to get into that school of a slot. They’re bad actors. But then, we regularly see people committing armed robbery getting roughly the same sentences if it’s their first offense. Sloane likely won’t lose much sleep over the fine and I’m sure they’ll find some “community service” for him that doesn’t involve picking up trash by the highway in an orange jumpsuit. In that regard, I suppose he got off kind of easy, but I just can’t see myself getting terribly upset about it.

The post L.A. business owner gets 4 months in Varsity Blues scandal appeared first on Hot Air.

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Will Kim Foxx take the 5th?

Westlake Legal Group KimFoxx-1 Will Kim Foxx take the 5th? The Blog special prosecutor Kim Foxx Jussie Smollett hate crime Fifth Amendment fake Chicago

By this time, you’ve probably heard that Dan Webb has been appointed as the special prosecutor in the investigation into the entire Jussie Smollett fake hate crime fiasco. As he gets on with his work, it’s anticipated that he will be calling Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx in for questioning. Foxx has a lot to answer for, being the person who mysteriously dropped all the charges against Smollett proposed by the grand jury.

Who did she talk to prior to making that decision? Why did she say she recused herself when she really didn’t? At the Chicago Tribune, veteran columnist John Kass is posing a different question, however. It came up during a segment of his podcast, The Chicago Way, while talking to retired judge Sheila O’Brien. Will Foxx take the Fifth? And what happens next if she does?

“You think she’ll take the Fifth?” retired Judge Sheila O’Brien asked on my podcast, “The Chicago Way.”

Stunning questions are often the simplest. I was stunned to the soles of my shoes.

“That’s my question. Does she take the Fifth? Think of it,” O’Brien said. “You’re Kim Foxx now, and you’re thinking, ‘I’ve got to hire a lawyer.’ The county can’t pay for that, I don’t think. Hope not. You’re her lawyer now. What do you do? She has that right. Do you have her take the Fifth?”

According to other lawyers and judges I interviewed, Foxx’s defense attorneys would be sorely tempted to have her take the Fifth, even before a grand jury.

Keep in mind that Foxx is in the middle of running for reelection. Could a State’s Attorney actually plead the Fifth to avoid incriminating herself under oath? Well, obviously she could. Anyone can. But could she still be elected after doing that? Would she even be able to stay in the race with a straight face? Oh, who am I kidding? This is Chicago we’re talking about.

Kass is really focusing on Foxx as the key potential villain in this entire debacle, far more so than Smollett himself. He goes so far as to say he doesn’t care whether or not he goes to jail, calling him “a show pony, a pimple in this drama.” The real crime here, he claims, is the damage done to “the integrity of the justice system in corrupt Cook County.”

I can sympathize with that point of view to a certain degree, but I’m not sure we should be so quick to let Smollett off the hook entirely. He remains the sole person allegedly responsible for the fake police reports and all of the flotsam and jetsam that followed. A grand jury found the case both convincing and serious enough to merit legal charges that could result in jail time.

Yes, it certainly appears that Foxx’s office was up to something odious, cutting deals and making contacts with famous celebrities and people with powerful political connections so their friend wouldn’t end up in jail. But if that’s the case, Smollett didn’t create that problem. He simply cast a national spotlight on it.

Kass goes on to point out that Foxx has made no secret of her hopes to one day replace Dick Durbin in the Senate. Along the way, she has been building relationships and connections with Hollywood stars and prominent politicians including both the Obama clan and Kamala Harris. What becomes of those ambitions if she winds up in front of a grand jury with her hand on a bible, saying she refuses to answer the questions to avoid self-incrimination?

From all of her public statements to date, it certainly appears as if Kim Foxx believes herself to be untouchable, cradled safely in the security of the Chicago Democratic political machine. Perhaps we’ll see that theory put to the test in the weeks to come.

The post Will Kim Foxx take the 5th? appeared first on Hot Air.

Westlake Legal Group KimFoxx-1-300x153 Will Kim Foxx take the 5th? The Blog special prosecutor Kim Foxx Jussie Smollett hate crime Fifth Amendment fake Chicago   Real Estate, and Personal Injury Lawyers. Contact us at: https://westlakelegal.com 

Now they’re going to try to feed us “eggs” made from plants

Westlake Legal Group chickens Now they’re going to try to feed us “eggs” made from plants The Blog plants Meat Impossible Foods fake cows chicken

Some day, hopefully long after I’ve shuffled off this mortal coil, I hope you’ll remember that I was the one who tried to warn you about this impending apocalypse. And now it’s at our doors. The socialist vegan hordes who are diligently (and successfully) working to get rid of all the cows and pigs so they can save the planet have a new target in their sights. Chickens. More specifically, they want to replace all of the eggs we eat with “eggs made from plants.” And they’re not joking. The work is already in progress. (Fox Business News)

Impossible Foods’ Sheetal Shah on the company’s partnership with OSI Group in an effort to expand production and the company’s continued efforts to improve the quality and nutrition of its products.

Kroger is adding plant-based egg alternative Just Egg to shelves at 2,100 stores across the country, just as Canadian favorite coffee chain Tim Hortons announced it is testing Just Egg on its menu at select locations.

The product, made from mung bean protein, canola oil, onion puree and turmeric, imitates the taste and texture of real eggs. Tim Hortons joins other fast food chains that are satiating consumers’ cravings for non-animal proteins like plant-based burgers.

So these are “eggs” made from… what was that again? Mung bean protein. Boy howdy, that just makes you want to tie a bib around your neck, pick up a fork and dig in, doesn’t it? The mung bean (also known as Vigna Radiata) is an Asian legume that can apparently be modified by the mad scientists producing all of this garbage so it tastes something like eggs.

Why are they doing this? For your health? Don’t be fooled, kids. All you need to know is why they named the product JUST Egg. Their CEO is quoted as saying, “We believe a just food system starts with breakfast and our partnership with the Kroger family of stores, the largest grocery store chain in the United States, makes JUST Egg accessible to countless consumers in communities around the country,”

The “JUST” stands for “justice.” Raising and eating chickens is wrong in liberal circles and probably is causing global warming or something. (Wait… I thought that was the cow farts?) They want justice for the chickens and now they’re going to start selling fake eggs made from modified mung beans. Just lovely. (Pardon the pun.)

Three tablespoons of this Just Egg product is equivalent to one chicken egg and provides five grams of plant-based protein, according to the company. But what if I don’t want “plant-based protein?” What if I want real protein? And trust me, you’re never going to be able to make a deviled egg out of this stuff.

They’re targeting breakfast now, people. And you know what that means. Next, they’re going to be coming for the bacon. When there are no more cows, pigs or chickens and you’re living on twigs and leaves mixed in with these nightmare science experiment meals, don’t come back crying to me. I’ve been trying to warn you.

The post Now they’re going to try to feed us “eggs” made from plants appeared first on Hot Air.

Westlake Legal Group chickens-300x153 Now they’re going to try to feed us “eggs” made from plants The Blog plants Meat Impossible Foods fake cows chicken   Real Estate, and Personal Injury Lawyers. Contact us at: https://westlakelegal.com 

The Impossible Whopper goes nationwide. Plus, a taste test.

Westlake Legal Group ImpossibleWhopper The Impossible Whopper goes nationwide. Plus, a taste test. whopper The Blog Meat Impossible Foods Impossible Burger fake cows Burger King

The plot to eliminate cows and end the beef industry is proceeding apace. After a limited release earlier this summer, Burger King has announced that it will be offering the Impossible Whopper, featuring plant-based fake “beef” patties, at all of its American outlets for a limited time starting August 8th. After that full test run, they will decide if the fake beef will become a permanent feature. The anticipated price of the Impossible Whopper is $5.59, roughly one dollar more than the standard Whopper with real beef.

But how do they taste? One member of the Salem family here (who shall remain nameless for their own safety) has already taken the plunge and told me that they’re actually not bad. But for a more detailed analysis, some reporters at Yahoo obtained the new Whoppers and did a side-by-side taste comparison with the beef Whopper. They were clearly more receptive to the idea than I would have been, but here are their results. (Yahoo)

Burger King sent our office early samples of the new sandwiches along with regular Whoppers and, across the board, the Impossible Whopper was well-received. Generally, Impossible Foods has done a decent job of replicating the texture and taste of meat as well as the patties of its various customers (think the thin squares at White Castle versus the Whopper). Sure, when you look extremely closely at the patties, you can tell the difference as the plant-based burger is less dense (fluffier?) than ground beef. It also retains a pleasant brown color that some fast food burgers lose as they give way to a greyer tone on the grill. Inside the Impossible patty, there were spots of pink where the burger was less-cooked which more closely mimicked ordering your Whopper medium-rare.

As for taste, in full hamburger context, both Whoppers were pretty identical. When we tasted the patties themselves, however, we could pick up on the differences. The Impossible burger has a bit more saltiness to it and a smoke flavor appeared to be added in, whereas the beef Whopper has more of the iron-y and charred flavor Impossible’s heme compound is trying to replicate.

So the dining experience wasn’t too bad for them but there were clearly differences. Having a saltier taste along with some fake smoke flavoring doesn’t sound all that appealing, but the company seems to have come close. The Yahoo taste testers also commented on there being some “pink” inside of the burger, reinforcing the fantasy of it being actual beef.

But let’s keep in mind how they achieve that pink look. The fake “blood” they add into the mix for that realistic look is made using genetically modified Leghemoglobin. And as we discussed in the linked article, human beings have never consumed Leghemoglobin as a food source before. Further, Impossible Foods has only done limited safety testing, while the FDA hasn’t approved any independent testing of this chemistry experiment. In fact, they went so far as to remind Impossible Foods that “they had not proven that Leghemoglobin is safe for human consumption.”

And yet somehow there will be Impossible Whoppers available all across the country beginning in a few days. What’s the real goal here? The company has made no secret of their intentions. They’re not just trying to break into the market and turn a profit. Their aim is to reduce meat consumption to save the planet. They’re trying to get rid of the cows. And here I stand like Demosthenes, shouting at the ocean with a mouth full of pebbles while everyone else just lets them get away with it.

Defend your right to real beef, people! Someone has to Keep Cows Great.

The post The Impossible Whopper goes nationwide. Plus, a taste test. appeared first on Hot Air.

Westlake Legal Group ImpossibleWhopper-300x159 The Impossible Whopper goes nationwide. Plus, a taste test. whopper The Blog Meat Impossible Foods Impossible Burger fake cows Burger King   Real Estate, and Personal Injury Lawyers. Contact us at: https://westlakelegal.com 

Fake news: Trump slams Fox News poll showing him trailing Biden badly

Westlake Legal Group t-12 Fake news: Trump slams Fox News poll showing him trailing Biden badly Trump The Blog survey republican poll News fox news fake Data biden 2020

I knew he’d start raving about Fox polls this week. It just took a few days longer than expected.

Imagine believing that Fox News, of all people, would rig a scientific poll to *hurt* Trump. Fox’s polling outfit may be the single most respected arm of FNC within the news business; if they were going to trash their reputation for accuracy to put a thumb on the scale in a poll involving POTUS, obviously it wouldn’t be on his opponent’s side of the scale. I doubt even Trump himself thinks there are shenanigans at work here. This is just something he farted out to signal to fans that they should be officially Mad At Fox for publishing news that’s unhelpful to him, whether or not it’s true.

Tonight on “Hannity”: Which arm of the deep state is my own network’s polling bureau working for?

Not all Fox personnel appreciate the criticism:

We’ll see what Shep has to say at 3 p.m. ET. Oh, and contra POTUS, Fox News pollsters didn’t have Trump losing “BIG” to Hillary in 2016. They had the race Clinton 48, Trump 44. The popular vote eventually shook out at Clinton 48, Trump 46. They were practically spot on in gauging national sentiment. Fortunately for POTUS, national sentiment doesn’t matter in a contest of 50 state elections.

Anyway, Team Biden is enjoying his agony. A Quinnipiac poll recently showed Biden up eight points on Trump in Ohio, a state Trump won by eight. That lead is alarming, if unlikely. Now comes today’s Fox poll:

Biden enjoys the largest lead head-to-head with Trump in Fox’s survey but Bernie Sanders also tops him by six points. Interestingly, the two top-tier women candidates don’t fare as well: Trump leads both Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris by a point. In all likelihood those results are less a measure of each candidate’s strength than they are of name recognition. Biden is by far the most well-known of the four, then Bernie via his 2016 run, and then Warren and Harris. All the poll’s really telling us, I think, is that right now voters are very much willing to swap out Trump for a Democrat whom they know and trust and — importantly — who hasn’t sustained any real damage from opponents yet. Obviously Biden’s 10-point lead here won’t hold. All the numbers really mean is that the race begins with undecideds open-minded about making Trump a one-term president.

Speaking of Biden and damage from opponents, he and his team have been … feisty in their comments about Cory Booker and Kamala Harris this week. The latest:

“You can’t be called the architect of mass incarceration and remain quiet,” a Biden ally said. “That’s cruel and personal. That goes against his entire career. You can’t let people say bullsh*t and not respond to it.”

“The gloves are off,” the ally added. “At this point, you have to punch back when someone attacks your record. People want to see him throw a punch. The president is certainly going to come at him hard, so why not start now?”

“I’m not going to be as polite this time,” Biden told donors on Wednesday of next week’s debate. He’s been jabbing at Booker for his record on civil rights as mayor of Newark and head of its problematic police department, and at Harris for dodging on what Medicare for All would do to private insurance and how she plans to pay for it without hiking middle-class taxes. (“Come on! What is this, is this a fantasy world here?”) My favorite counterpunch, though, is from today’s WaPo, in which Biden allies accuse Harris of having betrayed Biden’s dead son Beau:

“I was prepared for them to come after me but I wasn’t prepared for the person coming at me the way she came at me,” Biden told CNN. “She knew Beau. She knows me.”

Harris and the younger Biden developed a bond in the early 2010s as fellow state attorneys general in California and Delaware, respectively, strategizing on cases and comparing notes as politically ambitious future Democratic stars.

That fostered a connection between Harris and the elder Biden; the former vice president endorsed her 2016 Senate run, and some Democrats saw the pair as a dream 2020 ticket. But now some in Biden’s camp consider Harris’s surprise attack, and her ongoing critique of his civil rights record, a personal breach.

“I don’t pretend to know what’s in the vice president’s head — I wasn’t surprised that someone came after him,” said one longtime friend of Beau’s who spoke on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the subject. “But I turned to my wife and said, ‘Beau’s flipping in his grave.’”

Is Harris not supposed to try to win lest it desecrate Beau Biden’s memory somehow? Grandpa Joe has a stranglehold momentarily on black voters:

She needs those voters to win. She figured, quite reasonably, that the only way to get black Democrats to question their support for the first black president’s VP is to challenge his civil-rights credentials. So she hit Biden hard on busing. She’s playing for keeps. And old pro Joe Biden, a veteran of more than 10 state and national campaigns, wants people to believe she’s peeing on Beau Biden’s grave because of it. Yeesh.

Anyway, consider Trump’s complaint about the polling from Fox News — Fox News! — a reminder that he’ll absolutely pronounce the result of next year’s election false/rigged if he loses. There’s no fair-and-square “I got beat” outcome here in the offing.

The post Fake news: Trump slams Fox News poll showing him trailing Biden badly appeared first on Hot Air.

Westlake Legal Group t-12-300x153 Fake news: Trump slams Fox News poll showing him trailing Biden badly Trump The Blog survey republican poll News fox news fake Data biden 2020   Real Estate, and Personal Injury Lawyers. Contact us at: https://westlakelegal.com 

Report: Epstein tried to hang himself

Westlake Legal Group je-1 Report: Epstein tried to hang himself The Blog tartaglione suicide prisoner New York mcc Jeffrey Epstein hanging fake

The report comes from gossip site Radar Online, so caveat lector.

“Jeffrey did attempt suicide by hanging,” the source told Radar, who first broke the story of Epstein’s suicide attempt.

“He was in the act of trying to take his own life when the guard found him.”

A witness described the infamous inmate as being “blue in the face” and “sprawled out on the floor” while jail staff tended to him…

“It wasn’t staged and he wasn’t attacked by another inmate,” the source insisted.

“Any talk that he did this to get a transfer is also misinformed,” Radar’s source added. I’m skeptical. There are four possibilities here and “staged to get a transfer” is the most convincing.

1. Assassination attempt. The Internet loves a conspiracy and thus the Internet loves this theory, with righties naturally pointing a finger at the Clintons. Bill would potentially have a motive. But it’s mind-bending to think that any powerful Epstein enemy would take the enormous risk of arranging an assassination of Epstein right under law enforcement’s nose and not finish the job. The point is to silence him, right? Then how the hell does Epstein not only survive but escape without serious injury, according to one of the NYT’s sources? And why would the assassin attempt to stage the scene as a hanging (Epstein had “bruising around the neck”) instead of a poisoning? Epstein could have been killed quickly by slipping something toxic into his food and explaining it away afterwards as a suicide arranged by the prisoner himself, with the poison somehow smuggled into the jail. As it is, if someone had tried to choke him or hang him but failed, he almost certainly saw the assassin and can identify him. And there likely would have been a ruckus, alerting guards or other prisoners. Makes no sense.

2. His cellmate did it. Possible. It’s common knowledge how child predators are treated in prison, and Epstein’s cellmate happens to be an ex-cop — a very large, musclebound ex-cop, charged with four counts of murder. Maybe the cellmate, Nicholas Tartaglione, was so disgusted by Epstein that he couldn’t resist exacting revenge for the kids that were abused. He’s (allegedly) capable of homicide, he seems to have the sheer mass needed to overpower his victim, and he might have had a motive. Who among us wouldn’t want to wring Jeffrey Epstein’s neck? But then we come back to the central mystery: How’d Epstein survive without serious injury? If Tartaglione had subdued him to the point of leaving him on the ground in the fetal position, as reports last night claimed, he almost certainly could have finished him off. By not doing so, he left Epstein alive and available to testify against him on an attempted murder charge. As Ed said this morning, why would a guy like Tartaglione who’s fighting the murder charges against him choose to flush his defense down the toilet by taking Epstein out? If in fact Tartaglione caused Epstein’s injuries, it seems far more likely that they had a fight and Tartaglione simply wanted to send a message to him rather than do him real harm.

3. Legit suicide attempt. That’s what Radar says but I don’t buy it. This subhuman has spent 40 years talking himself out of trouble for serial sexual predation of children. Literally his entire adulthood has taught him that he can buy his way out of anything, including a previous conviction for sex offenses involving minors. Ain’t no earthly way that Jeffrey Epstein is about to throw in the towel this early in the new process, when his well-paid lawyers haven’t yet had a crack at the prosecution and when Epstein (presumably) hasn’t yet explored what sort of deal he might get from the feds in exchange for spilling the beans on all of his other high-society pedo pals. A man who believes he can operate in the world with impunity won’t be disabused of that belief just because he’s been charged with a crime. If Epstein’s going to try to kill himself, it’ll happen after he’s sentenced, not before.

Which brings us to:

4. He staged the suicide attempt to get a transfer. It’s the only viable explanation, by process of elimination. And it’s understandable under the circumstances. Per Gothamist, the Metropolitan Correctional Center where Epstein is housed has been described as a “gulag” with “filthy conditions, vermin infestations, substandard medical care, and violence and abuse at the hands of guards.” The last time Epstein was in prison, he had work-release privileges and the deputies assigned to watch him were basically treated as a personal security detail. Of course he hates it at MCC and wants out. A fake suicide attempt would be one way potentially to make it happen. And it would answer the central question of why Epstein suffered no serious injury. It was all for show.

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Smollett: On second thought, it was all those two brothers’ fault

Westlake Legal Group Smollett-2 Smollett: On second thought, it was all those two brothers’ fault The Blog Jussie Smollett hate crime fake Chicago

Perhaps the Chicago Way isn’t quite as impenetrable any more as it’s seemed over the past century or so. Once State Attorney Kim Foxx and her friends managed to make Jussie Smollett’s problems go away for him and seal all the records, that looked like the end of the story. But since that time, a new judge has ordered the appointment of a special prosecutor to look into the case and, if justified, bring new charges against Smollett. Given the amount of national attention focused on the case, it began to appear as if there was a certain level of embarrassment that even Chicago couldn’t tolerate.

But don’t count Smollett out just yet. His attorneys were back in court this week, “respectfully requesting” that the order to appoint a special prosecutor be vacated and, failing that, no new charges against their client be allowed. (Daily Wire)

Former “Empire” star Jussie Smollett filed a motion Friday requesting that the court nullify an order last month assigning a special prosecutor to look into the handling of his case after its sudden dismissal by embattled State’s Attorney Kim Foxx.

“Jussie Smollett, by his attorneys, Geragos & Geragos, respectfully requests that this Court grant his Motion, vacate the June 21, 2019 Order, and deny the Petition to Appoint a Special Prosecutor,” reads the filing submitted by his attorneys, Mark Geragos and Tina Glandian, as reported by Deadline Friday…

In another passage of the filing highlighted by Deadline, Smollett’s lawyers state that if their request to drop the prosecutor altogether is denied, they want the scope of the investigation to be narrowed.

In the second section of the filing, Smollett’s attorneys ask that “the Court modify the June 21, 2019 Order to clarify that the special prosecutor may investigate and prosecute potential misconduct only, and may not further prosecute Mr. Smollett for the charges that were previously brought and dismissed against him.”

Translating that from lawyer-speak to English, Smollett’s legal team is first asking that Judge Michael Toomin be overruled and that no new investigation into either Smollett and Kim Foxx dredge up all this unpleasantness again. But if they can’t agree to drop it entirely, they would like assurances in advance that Foxx and her office will take the fall entirely and nobody will come around pestering Smollett for faking the “hate crime” that started this entire mess in the first place.

Just to add a bit more sauce for the goose, Smollett’s attorneys are once again laying the entire blame for the incident on Ola and Abel Osundairo, the two Nigerian brothers who staged the “attack” as well as offering the possibility of a third, as yet unknown conspirator who may have helped them.

You almost have to give Smollett and his legal team credit for some unmitigated gall. The new investigation isn’t even up and running yet and they’re trying to either shut it down or force the court to give them assurances in advance that the actor won’t be charged. Does Smollett really think he has that kind of pull? I’d assumed that they would try claiming some sort of double jeopardy situation leaving the state without any new charges to bring. But asking for a complete Stay Out of Jail Free card before the ball even gets rolling takes some serious chutzpah.

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Forget lab-grown meat. Here comes lab-grown milk

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It used to be that I was just fretting over the idea of the vegan barbarians being at the gate with their plans to wipe out the cows and force us all to live on a diet of twigs and leaves. But in less time than even I could have imagined, the gates have fallen. The hordes are inside the city walls and they’ll be hauling all of the cows away presently.

How do we know? The replacement of beef with genetically modified soy proteins was only the first phase of their plan. You see, even if you put an end to the sale of steaks, burgers and tasty ribs, people still need cows for milk. And since the end goal is to eliminate the cows, that’s a problem. Or at least it was. The mad scientists are at it again and they’re ready to start mass production of milk produced in a laboratory rather than a bovine. (Bloomberg)

The U.S. is the single largest exporter of whey products, with estimated sales of $10 billion last year. BCC Research said the category will grow by 6% annually through 2023. But for all its popularity, all that whey still comes from cows, a fact increasingly seen as a liability for climate- and health-conscious dairy and protein lovers.

Ryan Pandya saw an opportunity in this consumer conundrum. He wants to be the first to market a non-animal whey protein through his San Francisco area-based company, Perfect Day. Like other food startup founders, Pandya and partner Perumal Gandhi are both vegan. Rather than forego the taste of real cheese and dairy for poor vegan substitutes, the pair decided to invent their own version of the real thing. The startup focused on the well-worn food path of microbial fermentation—harnessing custom yeast and bacteria to grow the proteins that make milk taste like milk.

And there you have it. They’re producing the protein whey (found in actual milk, cheese, and other dairy products) using the process of “microbial fermentation.” Similar to the fake, laboratory-grown meat we’ve already discussed, they’re genetically modifying yeast to get them to produce a plant-based version of the protein and ferment it in large quantities. Then you just strap it to a table during a lightning storm and you’ve got “milk.”

You can see how the people involved in this movement aren’t even trying to hide their intentions anymore. In one quote directly from that report we are told, “industrial cattle husbandry is bad for the planet. Studies show it to be a key culprit in the climate crisis and a source of localized environmental damage.” I’d like to say I warned you (because I did), but this is what it’s all been about from the beginning. The vegans want to eliminate meat eating by wiping out the cows.

But I have news for them. You’re going to have a harder time attacking the dairy market. You see, while the cool kids keep buying the stuff, there is no such thing as almond milk. Soy “milk” is not milk. Nothing coming from plants is “milk” because plants don’t have teats. You can drink cow’s milk, goat’s milk, or sheep’s milk. It’s all good because all of that is actually milk and we turn it into cheese and all sorts of other products. Your GMO monstrosity is not “milk.”

Don’t let them win, people. Support truth in marketing laws forbidding them from calling these products “meat” or “milk” or “cheese.” And keep buying real food. Otherwise, you’ll wake up one morning and all the cows will be gone. Do you really want to live in that world?

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