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Westlake Legal Group > News  > Discussion Thread: Day Two of House Judiciary Impeachment Hearings – 12/09/2019 | Live – 9am EST

Discussion Thread: Day Two of House Judiciary Impeachment Hearings – 12/09/2019 | Live – 9am EST

Westlake Legal Group hUqmf7mKLkM_cOleEYYe820qV-8-K1YOgtOeA3MKh1c Discussion Thread: Day Two of House Judiciary Impeachment Hearings – 12/09/2019 | Live - 9am EST r/politics

This morning the House Judiciary Committee will hold their second round of public hearings in preparation for Impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. Today’s hearing follow’s last week’s statement from Speaker Nancy Pelosi, requesting that House Committee Chairmen proceed with Articles of Impeachment and will receive presentations of evidence from counsel to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the House Judiciary Committee

In preparation, this weekend Chairman Jerry Nadler released a report entitled Constitutional Grounds for Presidential Impeachment

Today’s hearing will call Majority and Minority Counsel for both the House Judiciary Committee and House Intelligence Committee as witnesses, to provide presentations of evidence.

Democrats call:

  • Barry Berke, Majority Counsel, House Judiciary Committee

  • Daniel Goldman, Majority Counsel, House Intelligence Committee

Republicans call:

  • Steve Castor, Minority Counsel, House Judiciary Committee, House Intelligence Committee

The hearing is scheduled to begin at 9:00am EST. You can watch live online on

You can also listen online via

Today’s hearing is expected to follow the format for Impeachment Hearings as laid out in H.R. 660

  • Opening statements by Chairman Jerrold Nadler, Ranking Member Douglas Collins followed by:

  • For today’s hearing, per a House Judiciary Press Release: Pursuant to the Judiciary Committee procedures adopted under H. Res. 660, Monday’s hearing will proceed in two phases. First, Majority and Minority counsel for the Judiciary Committee will present opening statements for up to one hour, equally divided. Second, Majority and Minority counsel for the Intelligence Committee will present for up to 90 minutes, equally divided, followed by:

  • Committee Members each allowed 5 minutes of time for questions and statements, alternating from Dem to Rep, followed by:

  • Closing statements by Ranking Member Doug Collins and Chairman Jerry Nadler

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