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Westlake Legal Group > News  > Discussion Thread: Louisiana Gubernatorial Primary – October 12, 2019

Discussion Thread: Louisiana Gubernatorial Primary – October 12, 2019


Today, voters in Louisiana head to the polls (or have already voted) in the gubernatorial jungle primary. Louisiana is one of 5 states (the others being MS, KY, VA and NJ) which elects its Governor in odd year elections, with elections for Governor and other row offices in Mississippi and Kentucky, as well as legislative elections in New Jersey and Virginia occurring next month. As a further quirk that is somewhat common in Southern states, Louisiana has a jungle primary – voters today will vote in a general election and, if no candidate obtains at least 50% of the vote, the top two candidates will face each other in a runoff election on November 16.

The incumbent, Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards, is seeking reelection. Edwards was elected in 2015 after defeating then-US Senator David Vitter, prominently attacking Vitter’s involvement in the DC Madam scandal in the runoff. He faces two major Republican opponents, Congressman Ralph Abraham (LA-05) and businessman Eddie Rispone, who are each vying for a chance to face Edwards in the runoff election. President Donald Trump won Louisiana by a 58-38 margin in the 2016 presidential election, but polling has shown Governor Edwards competitive in both the primary, and the runoff election.

As always, please be mindful of our civility rules when participating, and if you’re a Louisianan redditor, please take the time to geaux vote if you haven’t yet done so!

Voter Information


*3 other candidates, Democrat Oscar Dantzler, Republican Patrick Landy, and Independent Gary Landrieu will also be on the ballot. Public polling does not show these candidates garnering more than 5% of the vote.


*Pollster reaches this result by assuming that 90% of undecided black voters will support Gov. Edwards, and that black voters will account for 27% of the electorate.

**Internal poll for Congressman Ralph Abraham.


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