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Civil Law
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Loudoun County Civil Litigation & Business Lawyer 

Whether you believe you have been wronged by another person or business, or you have been sued by another party, you need experienced legal representation every step of the way. Don’t delay receiving the strong advocacy you need to win your case! Westlake Legal Group can handle each aspect of the civil litigation process, from the initial investigative phase and gathering evidence to pursuing a settlement or adjudication at trial. 

Contact us for guidance from our civil suit lawyers serving Loudoun, Prince William, Fairfax, and Arlington counties. 

Civil Litigation Cases 

Civil lawsuits cover a wide range of topics and generally include any case that is not criminal in nature. Disagreements may arise between individuals and businesses over contractual obligations or real estate transactions. These are the types of cases our civil suit lawyers have experience prosecuting or defending in court. 

No matter what civil litigation services you seek from us, we strive to deliver valuable, trustworthy legal counsel to help you achieve the outcome you’re hoping for. We can work with you a single time as your foreclosure attorney or become a lasting member of your small business team. 

In short, we’re capable of providing high-quality legal services whenever you need us. Explore our areas of expertise below. Then, contact our civil suit lawyers to request a consultation. 

Real Estate Law & Litigation 

Property litigation can involve a variety of property types, including residential, commercial, and industrial. Claims may include ownership disagreements, landlord/tenant disputes, boundary line issues, eminent domain, and land use appeals. Property law also includes real estate transactions, closings, and foreclosures. 

Due to the complexity of real estate law, we recommend speaking with a land lawyer anytime you’re dealing with property litigation or transactions. The real estate attorney at Westlake Legal Group can help you interpret and act on the laws and regulations applicable to your situation. 

Contact us to ensure that your best interests are served, no matter what type of real estate agreement you enter into. 

Contract Lawyer 

Contracts guide professional relationships all over the world. Whether you need a contract written, or you’re struggling with the ramifications of a recent breach of contract, working with a contract lawyer is your best bet for ensuring a positive outcome. 

At Westlake Legal Group, we help individuals and businesses enforce their rights under oral and written contracts. With significant experience writing agreements, forming and dissolving corporations, handling contract disputes, and advising on employment matters, our business contract lawyer can satisfy all your needs. 

To speak with a breach of contract attorney in the Personville, Lovettsville, and Weston areas, please contact us today. 

Virginia Business Lawyer 

The principles of business law apply to companies of all sizes, from small startups to global conglomerates. Whether you’re opening a new business and want to speak with a startup lawyer, or you’re facing an ongoing business legal issue and need advice from a corporate attorney, Westlake Legal Group can help. We are well-versed in contract law, handling shareholder/partnership disputes, and settling breaches of fiduciary duty. 

Our location in the economically diverse DC metro area allows us to serve as a business lawyer to companies of all sizes. We are sensitive to the economic needs of our clients, responsive to their requests, and dedicated to doing everything we can to help local Loudoun County businesses grow and thrive. 

Contact Westlake Legal Group to help you better understand your legal rights and options with regard to civil law in Virginia. 

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