[Brown] also seems to be living in the same pre-2016 fantasy world that a lot of famous people share, where we can solve all of the world’s problems by sitting down and talking to each other about our differences, as opposed to the reality that the rest of us live in where the president is putting children in cages, an American Nazi killed a woman with his car, and we are all evidently given no choice but to accept mass shootings as a necessary byproduct of our freedom as Americans. The world is sh*tty, and it’s sh*tty because of people like Sean Spicer and the people he worked to defend in front of the press. Calling him a great guy and saying he’s really sweet (or, say, bringing him out at the Emmys) does nothing but further sterilize him and the crimes of the Trump administration—in addition making the world just a bit shittier than it was before, of course.