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Trump Just Got a Big Win on the Border Wall As Democrat Lawsuit Is Thrown Out

We got some big news involving Trump’s border wall today.

A judge has thrown out the lawsuit brought by House Democrats that was attempting to stop his use of previously allocated funds to build parts of the border wall.

The primary reason for the case being tossed is that the Democrats lacked standing. The judge felt that because of that lack of standing, the judiciary had no role in trying to mediate what was ultimately a political fight. The House had already allocated the funds and granted the executive the statutory ability to allocate those funds further within the departments.

It was ridiculous to ever think that House Democrats, absent passage of legislation, could suddenly decide they have the right to tell the President how he can spend money they already allocated to be highly discretionary. If they don’t like what he was doing, there’s a process for that and it doesn’t involve the courts.

This is a big blow as it green lights the President to go ahead and use billions of dollars on border projects that Democrats were trying to stop. With that said, there may be an appeal and if it gets in front of one of the many card carrying #resistance judges out there, things could shift temporarily. If it ever reaches the Supreme Court though, there’s no doubt they’d side with the administration on the merits of the law.

A quick musing of Twitter shows that liberals are taking it about as well as you’d expect. Namely, they are attacking the judge. I have a feeling the media won’t find any fault in that though after previously recoiling at accusing judges of partisanship.


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