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Virginia ranks as the sixth-most educated state in America, according to WalletHub

Westlake Legal Group 00-virginia-ranks-as-6th-most-educated-state-in-america Virginia ranks as the sixth-most educated state in America, according to WalletHub wallethub Virginia university public school News & Updates Most Educated grad school gender gap educational reports Education college Bachelor's Degrees Associate's Degrees
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It’s no secret that living and working near the nation’s capital attracts highly educated individuals from all over the country. Whether they’re fresh out of grad school or looking to climb the ranks in the later years of their career, it’s a place filled with opportunity, potential and very smart people. 

Because of that, as well as highly ranked colleges and universities in the region, strong education systems and more, Virginia has ranked as the sixth-most educated state in the country, according to WalletHub

WalletHub, a financial media brand that conducts studies regularly on quality of life around the country, released its list of the most- and least-educated states across the country on Jan. 20. In the study, the company analyzed a variety of factors that influence education, from school quality and overall achievement, to gaps between genders and races. 

Aside from being the sixth-most educated state, falling only behind Massachusetts, Maryland, Colorado, Vermont and Connecticut, Virginia ranked ninth in associate degree holders (or college-experienced adults), sixth for bachelor’s degree holders and fourth in graduate and professional degree holders. 

Virginia did rank first in one category: Gender Gap Educational Attainment. This key factor measured the difference between the population of female bachelor’s degree holders and male bachelor’s degree holders, and marks Virginia as the top state for having the smallest gap between men and women’s education on the bachelor’s degree level.

To find out where other states ranked, check out WalletHub’s interactive map and full report here.

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