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Calm down with these 10 local (and virtual) meditation sessions

Westlake Legal Group girl-meditating Calm down with these 10 local (and virtual) meditation sessions thoughts self-care relaxation mindfulness mind mental health Meditation healthy Health healing Fitness Features discovery COVID-19 coronavirus breathing breath
© Halfpoint / stock.adobe.com

As the widespread threat of the coronavirus continues to provoke fear across the country, as well as an inevitable feeling of restlessness, many are turning to various methods of relaxation to remain calm. From implementing a new virtual-based workout regimen into your routine to creating your very own hair studio from home, different practices work for different people. 

If daily exercise and beauty-focused self-care aren’t for you, meditation is another great tool to help clear the mind. While mindfulness practice centers throughout the region have closed their doors, several are offering virtual and audio meditations to provide guidance during this uncertain time. 

Whether you meditate regularly or are new to the practice, these online sessions curated for the current climate will lead you to transformation and healing, whatever that means for you.  

Local Offerings

Mindfulness Workshop
Saturday, March 28, 8:45 a.m.-2 p.m.
The Mindfulness Practice Center of Fairfax usually hosts monthly mindfulness workshops from its studio, yet this March, the staff has shifted to an online platform. The half-day class will teach the art of mindful living during a stressful situation through various exercises, including a seated meditation, a guided deep relaxation (requiring a yoga mat or blanket) and a walking meditation. // Suggested contribution is $20-$50, registration required 

Audio Conference Discussion for Mind and Its Potential
Sunday, March 29, 11 a.m.-noon
While not a typical meditation session, this Q&A-based group discussion will give you a new perspective on how powerful the mind can be. Led by Ven. Losang Donrub of The Guhyasamaja Center, a Buddhist meditation center based in Fairfax, the class will also touch on mindfulness practices to add to your daily routine. To join the meeting, click here. // Suggested contribution is $8-$10 

Daily Meditation Sessions
Dates and times vary
In an effort to bring local residents to a place of peace and solidarity, the staff of Fairfax-based Mindfulness Practice Center will lead virtual morning meditation sessions from Tuesday to Friday, as well as one evening session on Thursdays. Throughout each practice, you’ll learn the most effective tools to processing how the coronavirus affects the mind.  // Suggested contribution is $5-$15, registration required  

Guided Meditation
Saturday, April 4, 10:30 a.m.-noon
Hosted by The Guhyasamaja Center, this class (via Zoom) will include several meditations on developing mindfulness of the breath and the body, as well as analytical meditations that bring actions and motivations into harmony with future aspirations. Plus, there will be a short interactive discussion with facilitator Ven. Losang Dondrub too. No experience or Buddhist affiliation is necessary. // Suggested donation is $8-$10

Other Online Sessions to Try

Meditation Retreat – Overcoming Anxiety
Saturday, March 28, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Discover techniques for overcoming fear, stress and anxiety through this day-long, online retreat. Following the experience, you’ll leave with knowledge on several meditations that help instill feelings of inner peace and calm if practiced consistently. There will be four sessions throughout the day with 30-minute breaks in between. // $20 

Meditation for Beginners: Finding Happiness and Clarity Within
Wednesday, April 1 & April 8, 7-8 p.m.
This online course is all about the basics of meditation. From how to properly situate yourself on the floor to establishing a train of thought, Peyton Young of The Rising Lotus Qigong in Georgia will answer all your questions and motivate you through several practices. // $40

Buddhist Meditation 101
Saturday, April 4, 1-4 p.m.
If you’re searching for a new mind-focused regimen to add to your routine, give Buddhist meditation a shot with help from Buddhist nun Kelsang Kunden. In this course, you’ll learn how to set up your space for Buddhist meditation practice, as well as which meditation practices work best for you to integrate into daily life. Plus, there will be a Q&A session at the end of the course. // $25

Free Online World Healing Meditation
Wednesday, April 8, 8:30-9 p.m.
All the way from Canada, reiki master Stephanie Norwich will guide participants in a free meditation focused on healing in early April. The evening session will include visualization of a harmonious and joy-filled world for people, animals and the environment. Plus, you’ll learn how to set a positive intention to guide you through this practice, as well as your own practices in the future. // free

Mindful Monday: Special Anxiety-Reducing Edition
Monday, April 20, 2 p.m.
Meditation does not have to take long. In fact, popular iPhone application Headspace offers 10- to 20-minute meditations that have received widespread attention in the past few years. Come April, expert Nicole Havelka will lead a 15-minute, stress-reducing meditation using Facebook Live to start your week off on the right foot. You’ll learn techniques to boost your immune system by relaxing into breath, in just 15 minutes. // free

Unwind Your Mind: For Working Moms and Dads
Dates and times vary
Headquartered in India, The Art of Living is a volunteer-based, educational organization focusing on a variety of dimensions, all of which are centered on living your best life. This spring, the organization is offering several online workshops specifically for working moms and dads who are adjusting to this new normal. The free, 30-minute session will teach simple and effective breathing techniques, ways to manage stress and anxiety, as well as a unique guided meditation meant to bring peace of mind. // free

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2 NoVA wellness leaders open new yoga studio and healing practice in Sterling

Westlake Legal Group Untitled-79 2 NoVA wellness leaders open new yoga studio and healing practice in Sterling yoga practice Yoga wellness support Studio strength new opening Meditation Health healing Fitness Features fitness exercise community wellness
Owner Jerome Schlafer holds up a company T-shirt, boasting the new studio’s slogan, “Burn Off the Crazy.” (Photo by Jess Feldman)

“You don’t come to a class, you come to practice and find whatever it is you need.”

This is how Jerome Schlafer, co-owner of newly opened Samskara Yoga & Healing, describes the concept he and business partner, Chelsea Snyder, recently debuted in the Dulles Retail Plaza of Sterling. 

While this location is the duo’s first, Schlafer and Snyder are not new to the wellness community in Northern Virginia. Schlafer worked as a yoga instructor at Lifetime Fitness for several years before deciding to venture on his own and start Mats 4 Mindfulness, a project that delivers yoga mats to under-served populations around the world. Snyder, too, has a healing background, as well as experience in marketing and entrepreneurship through her digital and print publishing company, MojoWriting, LLC.

The first venture Schlafer and Snyder created together was the LoCo Urban Wellness Expo in 2018, which brought local businesses and entrepreneurs together to share their perspective solutions for better living.

Yet since they met just over two years ago, Samskara Yoga & Healing has been their passion project. While the physical location of the business is new, the pair has been leading practices for members of the community at local libraries, festivals and other neighborhood events for a few years, spreading their belief that yoga is a personal experience meant for all bodies. 

Westlake Legal Group Untitled-58 2 NoVA wellness leaders open new yoga studio and healing practice in Sterling yoga practice Yoga wellness support Studio strength new opening Meditation Health healing Fitness Features fitness exercise community wellness
The entryway of Samskara’s new space. (Photo by Jess Feldman)

“It was just about serving the community and making yoga accessible to anybody,” says Schlafer. “We are here for the people who you would not normally see in a yoga class, large bodies and small bodies, special needs, whatever it is. It was really happening and we needed a place.” 

There are currently 14 teachers at Samskara who are all certified to instruct and have a similar understanding of the practice as Schlafer and Snyder. Classes currently offered at the studio include ashtanga, viriya yoga, vinyasa, yin, restorative and a few that the duo created themselves. There are also practices for kids as young as 12 months old, reflecting the owners’ belief that starting yoga from a young age is a great way for little ones to understand their own minds and bodies. 

“We’re not serious,” says Schlafer. “We are going to help you relax. When you get to that point where things get tough, it’s about finding how you can release.”

The new site, which was once home to a My Gym, is tucked in a narrow space of the retail plaza, which will soon be easy to locate with the unveiling of its company logo atop the entrance. The studio is made up of three rooms—Journeys, which can fit about 50 people, Reflections (named due to its mirrored walls) and the Healing Room, home to the healing concept of the business that will bring in local experts in things like reiki or meditation for clients to utilize. 

Westlake Legal Group Untitled-87 2 NoVA wellness leaders open new yoga studio and healing practice in Sterling yoga practice Yoga wellness support Studio strength new opening Meditation Health healing Fitness Features fitness exercise community wellness
Journeys, the first room of the new space, is large enough for 50 people to practice in. (Photo by Jess Feldman)

“I wanted to give people a space to ask questions and discover the various wellness solutions that exist,” says Snyder. “Bringing that to this space seemed like a natural part of what we are doing here.”

The studio officially opened its doors on Friday, Aug. 23, with a week of free trials and is now starting its regular practice schedule, as well as workshop offerings, which you can find here. In the coming weeks, Schlafer and Snyder will be adding items to the space, including a take-one, leave-one book shelf with mental health-inspired books, and also a place in the front for people to purchase goods from local companies in NoVA.

For Schlafer, the design of the space, consisting of three curved walls throughout, is an essential element of the practice that goes on within it.

“We all have curves in our lives,” says Schlafer. “Everything moves in a flow but nothing’s ever a straight line. And so you can come here and find what you need, find your journey and just let it be.” // Samskara Yoga & Healing: 22000-102 Dulles Retail Plaza, Sterling; prices vary

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What is reiki and where can you find it in NoVA?

Westlake Legal Group Untitled-161 What is reiki and where can you find it in NoVA? wellness treatment touch strength spiritual healing reiki Medical Features Health healing alternative medicine
© WavebreakmediaMicro / stock.adobe.com

In the past decade, the discussion of alternative health practices (with things like healing crystals, acupuncture and homeopathy) has continued to grow, leaving people both interested, yet confused. And perhaps one of the most popular practices is reiki, a form of energy therapy that emerged in Japan thousands of years ago. 

Reiki, which translates to “universal life energy,” activates the parasympathetic nervous system to heal the body and mind, serving as a complementary therapy to other practices and medicine, according to an article published in 2017 by the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine

People who offer reiki treatment are known as “reiki masters,” and are certified to practice the alternative method, which is a noninvasive technique, costing anywhere from $20 to $200 in most cases. According to the Center for Young Women’s Health at Boston Children’s Hospital, a reiki practice can leave individuals feeling comfortable and warm, emotional, calm and relaxed, ultimately uplifting one’s overall energy. 

Whether you are feeling joint pain, high levels of stress or simply want to understand the hype surrounding the concept, here’s where you can try reiki for yourself in Northern Virginia. 

Reiki Sanctuary of Northern Virginia
Yvonne Gleason, owner and certified reiki professional, has been guiding women in the Reston area who are either at a crossroads in life or are experiencing change with her reiki practices for about 20 years. In addition to traditional reiki treatments, Gleason provides aura clearing sessions to block long-standing issues, healing sessions for balance and even distance reiki treatments, which are conducted over the phone, for both you and your pet. // Contact directly

Reston Reiki and Self Healing Arts
From classes to individual sessions, Karuna Joy practices “self-healing arts,” according to her website, including reiki. Joy ensures the client is comfortable by using non-invasive techniques and a gentle touch to sooth all forms of pain you may be feeling, ranging from anxiety to body aches. // Sunrise Valley Drive and Barton Hill Road, Reston; prices vary

PS Reiki
After years of undergoing reiki treatments herself due to anxiety, fatigue and depression, now-reiki master Pratima decided to pursue her desire to assist others with their journey of healing. At PS Reiki, clients can choose from four options of sessions, ranging from a 90-minute experience for first-timers focusing on chakra balance to a 45-minute session for children. // 44927 George Washington Blvd., Suite 210, Ashburn; prices vary

Four Directions Wellness
At Four Directions Wellness, the client will receive a holistic treatment, focusing on four aspects of the individual: emotions, mental environment, inspirations and passions, and physical health. Mara, the owner and reiki master of the practice, believes reiki is an ideal complement to health problems you may be facing, as each session is said to promote a person’s natural healing process. // 2001 Mount Vernon Ave., Unit 202, Alexandria; $110 for one session, $295 for three sessions

Medium Annie Larson
In 25-minute sessions, you’ll be given the chance to relax in a safe space, whether that be over the phone while in your home or in person in owner Annie Larson’s studio. Plus, Larson offers a reiki experience combined with the use of vibrational sound tools, that is said to bring more balance to your body and mind. // 44330 Mercure Circle, Suite 240A, Sterling; $90-$180

Healing Hearts With Reiki
After finding the art of reiki, Bekah Weiderman felt immediate relief from her chronic illness that once disrupted her daily routine. As a result, she founded Healing Hearts With Reiki in order to bring relief to others. Weiderman offers a variety of reiki sessions, all of which promise to be a safe method worth implementing into your wellness practice. // 44081 Pipeline Plaza, Suite 105, Ashburn; $115-$235

Mindful Soul Wellness
While energy healing through reiki is the main focus of this business, owner Tracy McKee has degrees in religious studies, elementary education and is also certified as a soul coach, vibrational sound therapist, past life regression therapist and hypnotist. Through the use of specific hand positions at key areas of pain in the body, McKee says she can empower your own energy for healing. // 9113 Church St., Suite 101, Manassas; $100-$150

Your Life Energy
This establishment prides itself on the staff’s ability to teach clients about their own bodies and best practices for well-being. At Your Life Energy, you’ll find small-group sessions for meditation, reiki and yoga that help calm the mind, as well as individual reiki sessions that range from 60 to 90 minutes in length. // 705 Prince St., Suite 100, Alexandria; $75

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