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Black GOP candidate told to “stop eating the ‘coon flakes’ in KY AG race

Westlake Legal Group 0a57c9f8-c305-42e2-8204-85acb7c43ed9 Black GOP candidate told to “stop eating the ‘coon flakes’ in KY AG race The Blog Race lawyers KY Attorney General Kentucky gop Dawn Elliott Daniel Cameron

In case you haven’t fully gotten the message, African-American Democrats are really angry with any African-American Republican that embraces President Trump. Then, if an African-American Republican runs for an elected office, well, the racial slurs fly… from the Democrats. The race for Kentucky’s Attorney General is no different – just ask Daniel Cameron.

Daniel Cameron is an African-American Republican candidate for attorney general in Kentucky. He came under attack by Dawn Elliott, a liberal female African-American lawyer and co-host of a political talk radio show, this week. Cameron is running against Democrat Greg Stumbo, a 67-year-old white Democrat who is a former Attorney General of Kentucky and long-time state lawmaker.

Cameron, a former general counsel for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, proudly announced his endorsement by President Trump — and that didn’t sit well with Ms. Elliott. She told Cameron to “stop eating the coon flakes”. Yikes! In the mind of Elliott, Trump is “trying to destroy” black people. Hyperbole, much?

But Dawn Elliott, who said Cameron needs to “stop eating the ‘coon flakes’ the White House is serving,” isn’t backing down. The outspoken radio show host said the association with Trump is a slap in the face to African Americans and that Cameron needs to explain his position to black voters.

“To sit there and be so proud of someone who is an open racist is shameful,” said Elliott, an attorney who co-hosts a political talk show on WLOU 1350 AM. “Why would anyone of color want to side with someone who is trying to destroy us?”

Daniel Cameron explained he is a life-long Republican and doesn’t need to be told what to think by Democrats, thank you very much.

Republicans in Kentucky haven’t held the Office of Attorney General since World War II. If elected, the former University of Louisville football player would be the first African-American to hold the seat. It sounds like maybe Ms. Elliott is a bit nervous that in Trump-friendly Kentucky, Cameron may have a shot at victory with Trump’s endorsement. Her ugly talk speaks more about herself than it does about Mr. Cameron.

The Republican Party of Kentucky is publicizing the fact that they have three non-white candidates running for state-wide offices while the Democrats have none. Ms. Elliott’s concern may be justified in her concern if more African-American Democrats look to electing a candidate based on his race rather than his political party affiliation.

Louisville sports radio host Raashaan Myers, a Democrat, said he is keeping an open mind about Cameron’s historic bid.

“Anytime you can have a first and have an African American have an opportunity to do something new, it’s motivating and I love it,” said Myers, who is black. “You can still be excited for Daniel whether Donald Trump likes him or doesn’t like him. I’m not going to allow Trump to tell me who I should or shouldn’t support.”

During an interview with guest host Brian Kilmeade on “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, Cameron addressed a political flyer distributed by his opponents with an Old West-style theme. The “Most Wanted” poster is of McConnell and Cameron with a reference to Big Pharma. He said he’s seen worse.

“This is not about me,” he said. “Enough is enough. The black community is told day in and day out they have to speak with one voice and that is the voice of the Democratic Party.”

Continuing to respond to the criticisms, Cameron said Democrats preach “tolerance” but appear intolerant when it comes to political viewpoints that run counter to theirs.

We’ll see what happens on Tuesday, November 5 when Kentucky voters go to vote.

The post Black GOP candidate told to “stop eating the ‘coon flakes’ in KY AG race appeared first on Hot Air.

Westlake Legal Group 0a57c9f8-c305-42e2-8204-85acb7c43ed9-300x153 Black GOP candidate told to “stop eating the ‘coon flakes’ in KY AG race The Blog Race lawyers KY Attorney General Kentucky gop Dawn Elliott Daniel Cameron   Real Estate, and Personal Injury Lawyers. Contact us at: https://westlakelegal.com 

Harvard punishes law faculty deans for … representing Harvey Weinstein?

Westlake Legal Group weinstein-police Harvard punishes law faculty deans for … representing Harvey Weinstein? The Blog Mob action lawyers harvey weinstein Harvard

Out: Lawyers are to be commended for defending unpopular clients. In, at least at HarvardBlame lawyers for their clients!  After protests from students over their representation of Harvey Weinstein, Harvard punished two faculty deans by removing them from their posts:

A lawyer who was set to defend Harvey Weinstein in his upcoming rape trial has been dropped as a faculty dean at Harvard Law School.

Ronald Sullivan Jr., a veteran professor of law at the Ivy League school, will not be returning as faculty dean when his term runs out June 30, according to an emailed letter to students Saturday from Rakesh Khurana, dean of Harvard College. In the letter, Khurana cited student opposition to Sullivan’s defense of the disgraced Hollywood producer.

“Over the last few weeks, students and staff have continued to communicate concerns about the climate in Winthrop House to the college,” Khurana wrote. “The concerns expressed have been serious and numerous. … I have concluded that the situation … is untenable.”

Sullivan’s wife Stephanie Robinson is also being released from her duties as faculty dean at the end of June. The couple were the school’s first African-Americans to hold that position.

The kicker? Sullivan had already withdrawn from Weinstein’s team:

Ironically, Harvard’s decision comes just a day after Sullivan told the Manhattan judge overseeing Weinstein’s case that Sullivan would, in fact, be leaving the defense team.

Sullivan’s notice to the court is due to be made public Monday.

Weinstein spokesman Juda Engelmayer told ABC News Saturday evening that Weinstein “is extremely grateful to Ronald Sullivan for his work with him until now, and for Ron’s offer to advise where he can going forward.”

“Mr. Sullivan believed that Mr. Weinstein deserved a vigorous defense, and it is a sad moment for us all right now,” Engelmayer said. “We, as a country, have now reached the point when a Harvard lawyer and professor cannot serve his duty to, and belief in, the law and defend a person who may be deemed unpopular or unworthy of a legal defense by segments of the public.”

That’s exactly correct, even if it comes from Weinstein’s defense team. And what’s more, we are usually lectured ad infinitum about that principle when it comes to other attorneys … especially those who go into politics. One would expect an institution like Harvard Law School to grasp this concept and defend it. Instead, as Robby Soave writes at Reason, Harvard caved to the mob:

Danu Mudannayake, one the students leading the campaign to remove Sullivan, described the professor’s representation of Weinstein as “not only upsetting, but deeply trauma-inducing” and evidence that he “does not value the safety of students he lives within Winthrop House.” According to Mudannayake and her fellow radicals, Sullivan has made Harvard an unsafe and hostile educational environment.

These are absurd accusations, and Khurana foolishly gave credence to them when he agreed to investigate Sullivan a few weeks ago. This was bad enough, but the results of that investigation are worse: Sullivan and Robinson are out. …

This is a disaster. The administration has endorsed the ridiculous notion that serving as legal counsel for a person accused of sexual misconduct is itself a form of sexual misconduct, or at the very least contributes to sexual harassment on campus. It is no exaggeration to say that Khurana has undermined one of the most important principles of modern, enlightened justice. He should be ashamed of himself.

By caving to the mob, Harvard has shown student-activists that it takes seriously their demands for a kind of broadly-defined safety that includes protection from ideas they don’t like. This outcome will undoubtedly embolden them.

You’d better believe it. Appeasement doesn’t work with dictators, and it doesn’t work with mobs. Harvard has now set a precedent for valuing “climate” over principles, and momentary peace over due process and constitutional protections. They even chose the mob over identity politics, which really speaks volumes about their pusillanimity. Harvard isn’t educating adults; they’re providing a day care center for children run by cowards.

Every defendant deserves representation in court. The act of defending a client does not make a lawyer complicit in his or her crimes. If Harvard can’t figure that much out, it should close its law school and leave that education to others more intellectually and intestinally fortified to provide it.

The post Harvard punishes law faculty deans for … representing Harvey Weinstein? appeared first on Hot Air.

Westlake Legal Group weinstein-police-300x173 Harvard punishes law faculty deans for … representing Harvey Weinstein? The Blog Mob action lawyers harvey weinstein Harvard   Real Estate, and Personal Injury Lawyers. Contact us at: https://westlakelegal.com