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Drop your pants and jog at DC’s Cupid’s Undie Run this weekend

Westlake Legal Group dc-cupid-undie-run-feature Drop your pants and jog at DC’s Cupid’s Undie Run this weekend Washington DC events Washington Valentine's Day Things to Do Features Things to Do running run races fundraiser Fun Run february febraury events Events DC Cupid's Undie Run Calendar
Photo courtesy of Cupid’s Charity

It might sound like something straight out of an embarrassing dream: running down the streets of Washington, DC in your underwear. But make the underwear bright red and Valentine’s Day-themed and it all sounds a lot more fun.

We’re talking about running down the streets of the nation’s capital at the 2020 Cupid’s Undie Run with thousands of other partially clothed friends in honor of neurofibromatosis (NF). 

Ten years ago, Cupid’s Charity became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and began its mission to raise funds for NF, a genetic disorder that causes tumors to grow on the nerves throughout the body. One of the founders of the nonprofit, Chad Leathers, saw his brother get diagnosed with the disease at age 16, only to later watch him become paralyzed from the neck down due to the tumors attached to his spine. 

Leathers and two friends decided to create a fun run and dance party to raise money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation. The thought behind no pants? Those with NF can’t hide their tumors from others, so runners strip down in their honor, showing off as much as they’re comfortable with (as long as it’s within legal limitations).

The fun runs are now held across the United States and have gathered over 107,000 runners, and raised over $18,900,000 for the Children’s Tumor Foundation

The 2020 Cupid’s Undie Run in Washington, DC will be held on Saturday, Feb. 8 from noon to 4 p.m. Join the undie-wearing crew for a mile-ish run, and celebrate afterward with a fundraising bash featuring food, drinks and lots of no-pants dancing. // Penn Social: 801 E St. NW, Washington, DC; $45

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4 Valentine’s Day-themed 5K/10K races to run in this February

Westlake Legal Group cold-weather-valentines-day-running-luckybusiness 4 Valentine’s Day-themed 5K/10K races to run in this February wellness Valentine's Day Things to Do running run healthy events health and wellness Health Fitness Features fitness February events exercise Events 5K races 10K races
© luckybusiness / stock.adobe.com

Chances are you know someone who loves to run. Or maybe it’s you! February is the month of love (see: Valentine’s Day), so it’s time to spend some of your time running to your heart’s content.  

Here, find five ways to stay active through local races across the region. 

For the Love of It – 10K
Saturday, Feb. 2, 8 a.m.
Grab your running partner, significant other, friend or family member and share the love of running just before Valentine’s Day this year. Runners are encouraged to get into the spirit by wearing red, pink or heart-inspired attire and race through Reston. All finishers will receive a For the Love 10K shirt and a one-of-a-kind medal. More prizes will be given to overall winners and age group winners too. Afterward, treat yourself to Valentine’s Day goodies and refreshments. // South Lakes High School: 11400 S. Lakes Drive, Reston; $50

Run Your Heart Out 5K
Saturday, Feb. 9, 9 a.m.
Looking for a race inspired by love, but only half the distance of a 10K? This local 5K is your perfect fit. Lace up your sneakers and get ready to “run your heart out!” This is the eighth year of the race, which you can run with your favorite person, pup or little one by your side. Make the weekend before Valentine’s Day one to remember with a T-shirt, finisher’s medal, and Valentine’s Day-themed refreshments after you cross the finish line. // Fairfax Corner: 11895 Grand Commons Ave., Fairfax; $40-$45

2020 Kiss My Asphalt 5K/10K
Saturday, Feb. 15, 7:45-10:45 a.m.
Planning on spending your Valentine’s Day alone? Don’t fret! Find your forever running mate at the Kiss My Asphalt 5K/10K. All are welcome, but follow the color coordination to make sure you’re acting as the right “stoplight.” Wear red if you’re taken, green if you’re single and yellow if it’s complicated. Not only will you leave with a finisher’s medal, T-shirt and tracked race time, you could also find a new partner in crime! The event’s proceeds support Dare2Tri. // Old Mill Park: 2201 Caroline St., Fredericksburg; $25-$40

Wine Lovers 5K at Cardinal Point Vineyard
Feb. 15, 9 a.m.-noon
We all know your one true love … wine! Grab your partner or go solo at this Virginia Wine Country race starting at Cardinal Point Vineyard. The race weaves through the vineyard and the quiet, quaint back roads, and offers you a commemorative wine glass (and a T-shirt too) when you cross the finish line. Runners can enjoy wine samples from the winery’s vintage collection, post-race eats from local food trucks and kick back in the heated veranda. What better way to treat yourself and round out Valentine’s Day weekend? // 9423 Batesville Road, Afton; $32

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Add these 9 health-focused products to your collection of active gear

From top-rated accessories to the latest trends in activewear, these items will make it easy to stick to your fitness regimen all year long. Real Estate, and Personal Injury Lawyers. Contact us at: https://westlakelegal.com 

Attention local runners: Sign up for these 7 New Year’s Day races to kick off 2020

Westlake Legal Group winter-race Attention local runners: Sign up for these 7 New Year’s Day races to kick off 2020 wellness Walking Things to Do running events running Runners run races new years eve new years new year's day races New Year's day new year's 5ks jogging health events health and wellness Health Fitness Features fitness events fitness Events abi jones 5ks 10ks
© Maridav / stock.adobe.com

Ring in the new year, and the new decade, at these Northern Virginia races. From a beer mile to a 50-kilometer course, here’s where runners of all levels can enjoy New Year’s Day in the region.

Fairfax Four Miler
Tuesday, Dec. 31, 6 p.m.
Say goodbye to 2019 with this 4-mile race and ring in the new year with thousands of other DMV runners as you traverse through Old Town, Fairfax and George Mason University. In its 11th year, the Fairfax Four Miler is a favorite for its post-race pizza party, cozy sweatshirts as race swag and camaraderie. // Race beings near Pacers Fairfax: 10420 N. St., Fairfax; $38-$48

2020 New Year’s Day 5k & 10k
Wednesday, Jan. 1, 7 a.m.
Start your year off on an active foot and choose between the 5K or 10K race being held alongside the Rappahannock River in historic Fredericksburg. The race also offers a virtual run option for those who can’t make it to the course on race day. // Old Mill Park: 2410 Caroline St., Fredericksburg; $12-$40

Red Eye 50km
Wednesday, Jan. 1, 8 a.m.
Enjoy the great outdoors at this race held throughout Prince William Forest Park. (Note: Racers will need to pay the National Park Service entrance fee on the way out, $5 to $7.) This 50-kilometer course features groomed forest trails, and consists of three repeats of a 10-mile loop. Or, if you don’t like the recommended course, you can just run anywhere you want to! Why? Because this race is just for fun; there are no registrations, no trophies, no T-shirts or entry fees, just the opportunity to run forest trails with friends. // Prince William Forest Park: 18170 Park Entrance Road, Triangle; free

New Day * New Year 5k & 10k
Wednesday, Jan. 1, 9:30 a.m.
The third annual New Day * New Year 5K & 10K celebrates the holiday with a fun run or walk in which all participants receive race swag at the finish line, and enjoy a post-race breakfast at House 6 Brewing with food trucks and beers on tap. // House 6 Brewing: 44427 Atwater Drive, Ashburn; $20-$35

New Year’s Day 5k
Wednesday, Jan. 1, 10 a.m.
For this race, the start time is 10 a.m. which means you can still stay out late for New Year’s Eve and have plenty of time to sleep in. At the end, there will be music, food and a fun New Year’s Day party. // Reston Town Center: 11900 Market St., Reston; $40-$45 

Predictions and Resolutions 5K
Wednesday, Jan. 1, noon-1:30 p.m.
Overindulged on New Year’s Eve? Run it all off at this race, easily accessible via Metro or car. The course features rolling hills on the Custis Trail with a net downhill last mile, followed by a flat section to finish. // Washington-Lee High School: 1301 N. Stafford St., Arlington; $10

Winchester Beer Mile
Wednesday, Jan. 1, 1-4 p.m.
If running and beer are two of your favorite things, then this is the New Year’s Day race for you! The Beer Mile is a drinking game that combines running and speed drinking, taking place on a .25-mile course. Racers begin by consuming a 12-ounce beer, followed by a full lap around the course, and then so on until a total of four beers and laps are completed. Competitors who vomit before they finish the race must complete one penalty lap at the end of the race. Not a drinker? No worries, there’s a non-alcoholic option as well. // Escutcheon Brewing Co.: 142 W. Commercial St., Winchester; $30

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Expert tips on running and biking in the winter

Westlake Legal Group running-and-biking-winter-tips-feature Expert tips on running and biking in the winter winter wellness running tips running run health tips health and wellness Health Fitness Features fitness exercise biking tips biking bikes Bike arlington
© LMproduction / stock.adobe.com

Yes, it’s cold. And it’s probably going to get colder. That doesn’t mean you should stop outdoor exercise altogether, says Henry Dunbar, director of BikeArlington

“Be flexible, have the layers and push yourself a little bit,” says Dunbar. “It’s OK to be a little cool to start out, but you’ll warm up pretty quickly.”

To help you tackle winter exercising with ease, we spoke with year-round cyclist Henry Dunbar of BikeArlington, and Dave Ringwood, training program coach at the Formula Running Center in Clarendon. Below, find their best tips for beating the cold and staying active while waiting for spring to arrive.

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Let’s start by discussing the challenges of biking and running in the winter. Other than the cooler temperatures, what makes this time of year more challenging?
HR: One of the challenges is really just the amount of planning you have to take into account. The weather in this region can be anywhere from 10 degrees to 50, and with many cold-weather activities, the key is layers. You have to be able to adjust to what the temperatures may be at any point in the day.

DR: Winter mornings provide anything but a warm welcome to us runners. We get up those mornings and know what’s on the other side of the front door: any combination of freezing temperatures, darkness, snow and ice. By contrast, we could remain inside with the ability to turn up the heat, turn on Netflix and tell ourselves, “I’ll get my run in later.” But laying out your outfit the night before, planning to run with a friend or group and preparing a post-run meal are all valid ways to increase your motivation to run on those mornings. The more consistent you become with your morning routine, the easier it becomes. 

If you’re someone who already has a biking or running schedule during the warmer months, should you readjust it for winter?
HR: As a year-round cyclist, I would stick to the same time frame, but the light changes, so make sure you have good light on your bike and reflective equipment. Being able to see and be seen are essential.

DR: I strongly recommend adjusting one’s training to account for winter obstacles. Freezing temperatures, darkness, snow and ice are just a few aspects of winter that impact one’s running. With that said, I have several recommendations. First, focus on effort and time over speed and distance. Instead of mapping out a specific distance run to be covered at a certain pace, consider how long that would take in ideal conditions and then run on that length of time for the same effort. You’ll get the same aerobic benefits as you would any time of year, despite the wintry conditions. Second, allow yourself flexibility with your schedule! No training plan should be absolutely set in stone, especially when winter elements can be so unpredictable. While braving a blizzard to get in your long run might make for a cool story, staying healthy and setting a new PR makes for an even better one. 

What are some tips you might suggest to someone who is just starting out this winter, or who is looking to add biking and/or running to their New Year’s resolutions?
HR: Biking offers transportation flexibility and the opportunity to not be locked into one particular mode of getting around. The exercise benefits are the same as in the summer too. But I would say the secret to starting is having that windproof outer layer. That really goes a long way in keeping warm. I find that I don’t have to wear that much clothing if I have that shell. Also, waterproof gloves. The other thing is, even if you don’t want to ride when it’s under 40 degrees, you can still ride some days throughout the winter. Even if it rains on Monday, you could be guaranteed perfect riding conditions for the rest of the week. The weather will change.

DR: I think the most valuable advice I can give to a beginning runner (or one getting back into the game) is to find your support system. This could be family, friends, a running group, heck … even pets make for a great support system! As long as you feel supported and held accountable, you’re setting yourself up for success. As for tips, I definitely have a few that I have learned from personal experience. First, it can be easy to overdress for the cold. A general rule of thumb is to dress for 10 to 20 degrees warmer than the actual temperature, as your body will naturally warm up throughout the run. Second, make sure you continue hydrating. Despite the colder temperatures, we still sweat while running. Third, shorten your stride to stabilize your center of gravity. This becomes especially important when running on uncleared sidewalks. You have to stay on your feet if you want to keep running!

Are there any equipment tips you might you offer to runners and bikers for the winter?
HR: The real secret for me was when I discovered Bar Mitts. They’re big, mitten-like things that fit over the handlebars. Those are the only things that truly made the difference in making sure my fingers didn’t freeze. 

DR: Warm up before you head out the door. A dynamic warmup routine should be performed inside to ease the transition from your warm house to the cold outdoors. Understand the purpose of each clothing layer to stay warm. Your base layer should be made of a fitted, dry-wicking material to retain heat while allowing moisture to escape. A second, middle layer can be worn depending on how cold it is. This is looser fitting and can even be fleece material. A jacket should be worn on top to both retain heat and block the wind. For safety, reflectors should be your best friends. Running out in the brisk winter air is a great way to feel alive, while remaining visible to vehicles is a great way to stay alive. Finally, gloves are good, but mittens are better! When you’re out on a run, your body is the lone source of your warmth. While gloves prevent the colder elements from reaching your hands as quickly, they also prevent your hands from warming themselves. Investing in a quality pair of running mittens was one of the best running-gear purchases I’ve ever made! 

And if it’s just too cold outside, any suggestions?
HR: Everyone has to make their own choice. I don’t ride when there’s ice, but that’s where Capital Bikeshare can come in handy. Those bikes are very sturdy and forgivable, even in bad conditions. I know a lot of people won’t ride their own bikes when it’s slushy out, and the local bikes are designed to withstand weather conditions. 

DR: I’m a strong proponent of treadmill running, especially during the winter months. Treadmills provide a control of external variables in such a way that can’t be replicated outdoors and, as a coach at the Formula Running Center, I’ve seen runners of all abilities benefit tremendously from that control. 

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Top Hillary advisor: It’s true, she hasn’t ruled out jumping into this presidential race

Westlake Legal Group r-6 Top Hillary advisor: It’s true, she hasn’t ruled out jumping into this presidential race warren Tucker Carlson The Blog run primary Philippe Reines Hillary Clinton democrat buttigieg biden 2020

So the rumors are true. She really is thinking about it.

Normally you could dismiss a tease like this one on grounds that the would-be candidate who’s teasing it is just trying to stay relevant. There’s no publicity like “might run for president” publicity, right? Clinton doesn’t need to head-fake about jumping in to get the media to cover her, though. Every time she dings Trump on Twitter or elsewhere it’s amplified endlessly by the press. Tulsi Gabbard is now running as the anti-Hillary in the field thanks to one 20-second comment Clinton made about her recently in an interview. Any “she might run” publicity has a short shelf life, too: We’re only about three months removed from the Iowa caucuses. No one will believe that Hillary might still be getting in the race if she hasn’t entered by, say, Thanksgiving. The idea that she’s doing this for PR just doesn’t add up.

I think she’s looking for excuses to get in but just hasn’t gotten the clarity she needs from the polls to justify doing so. This new one from Quinnipiac is the most enticing for her to come along in awhile considering it’s the worst number Biden has pulled in a national survey since August:

Westlake Legal Group q-2 Top Hillary advisor: It’s true, she hasn’t ruled out jumping into this presidential race warren Tucker Carlson The Blog run primary Philippe Reines Hillary Clinton democrat buttigieg biden 2020

Note the numbers among women especially. Warren, the lone woman left among the plausible nominees, hasn’t even won a third of Democratic women voters (yet). Biden is down to 20 percent among them. There’s a lot of room potentially there for Hillary. And of course Clinton has always done well with black voters, her firewall against Bernie Sanders in 2016. Would it be unrealistic to expect her to immediately attract, say, a third of all Democratic women and a third of all black Democrats instantly if she were to jump in?

Because if that did happen, she’d be right in the thick of the race on day one.

There are problems, though. For starters, this Quinnipiac survey is unusual in showing Biden fading behind Warren, theoretically creating demand for a new centrist-y candidate to get in. Yesterday CNN published a poll showing him leading the field with 34 percent, fully 15 percent ahead of Warren. Two other polls recently had him at 30 percent or better while others have had him steady at 27 percent, still a respectable number in a field this big. That is, the evidence that Biden is beginning to stagger as Warren supposedly rises inexorably just isn’t there — yet. And given the sort of time window Clinton is looking at to get in, if it doesn’t arrive very soon it’ll be too late.

The other problem is that it’s possible Hillary would have her best day of polling on the day she announced and would begin to sink shortly afterward. All of her vulnerabilities would be publicized by the other candidates. Some Biden fans would resent her for trying to snatch away his chance at the nomination. Progressives would recoil at her attempt to derail the party’s journey towards socialism. Even her fans would be given pause by the inconvenient fact that she already lost once before to the guy they’re spoiling to beat next year.

But there’s this scenario too: She gets in and Biden starts to fade as neoliberals conclude, reluctantly, that he’s “lost a step” and therefore Clinton’s the only game in town. The progressive vote remains split between Bernie and Warren, enabling a surprise Clinton win in Iowa. Or, even if it consolidates behind one of them, enough moderate Democrats end up being spooked by the idea that Sanders and Warren are too radical to beat Trump that they grudgingly swing around to Hillary as the least bad (but still bad) option. There are ways to rationalize the belief that she’d do better against Trump than she did in 2016, too. Her advisor gives you one in the clip below: Trump’s not running as a populist outsider anymore but as an incumbent with a record he’ll need to defend. He’s all but certain to have “impeached” on his resume by the time Election Day arrives. Meanwhile, Hillary’s own chief scandal from 2016, Emailgate, is old news by now. And plenty of Hillary fans will tell you that she only lost to Trump because of Russian meddling. With America less likely to get caught sleeping on the threat of foreign interference next year, that’s less of a worry in 2020. Add all of that up and toss in the fact that Hillary 2020 would surely spend lots more time in the Rust Belt than Hillary 2016 did and is it *possible* that she could win?

Sure, it’s possible. You’ll never convince me that she’d have the best chance of winning among the Democratic field; a rando like Amy Klobuchar or even Joe Biden in doddering form would be a much safer gamble. But yeah, conceivably she could win. She won the popular vote once before, after all.

She’s not running, though. I think the “Hillary might run again” rumors are nothing more or less than the Clintons clinging to the *theoretical* possibility that their time hasn’t quite passed yet. It’s hard to begrudge a retired player the fantasy that there’s still a chance for them to suit up, take the field, and finally win the Super Bowl. Same here.

The post Top Hillary advisor: It’s true, she hasn’t ruled out jumping into this presidential race appeared first on Hot Air.

Westlake Legal Group r-6-300x159 Top Hillary advisor: It’s true, she hasn’t ruled out jumping into this presidential race warren Tucker Carlson The Blog run primary Philippe Reines Hillary Clinton democrat buttigieg biden 2020   Real Estate, and Personal Injury Lawyers. Contact us at: https://westlakelegal.com 

What were Dems thinking when they invited Corey Lewandowski to testify?

Westlake Legal Group cl What were Dems thinking when they invited Corey Lewandowski to testify? Trump The Blog Senate run New Hampshire nadler Media lie judiciary House grandstand Corey Lewandowski CNN

It was a freak show all the way through, with Lewandowski mocking failed 2020 candidate Eric Swalwell at one point by calling him “President Swalwell,” goofing on Sheila Jackson Lee for ranting instead of asking questions, and playing dumb when questioned by Jerry Nadler by asking for a copy of the Mueller Report to refresh his memory about what he told the Special Counsel.

And it was all predictable. Lewandowski is what you get when you subtract policy from Trumpism. Trump displayed the same sort of relentless pugnacious bravado towards political enemies on the trail in 2016 but Trump also had some novel (by 2016 GOP standards) ideas about trade, immigration, and foreign policy. He wasn’t exclusively about Liberal Tears, he was about bringing jobs back to the Rust Belt (in theory). Corey’s political persona has nothing to do with any of that. He’ll genuflect towards Trumpist policy ideas as needed but his core shtick is undistilled “but he fights!” roundhousing at the left’s villains.

And so we come to the question in the headline: What did Democrats on the Judiciary Committee think they were going to get when they called him to testify and put him on TV? Corey is always performing for an audience of one in the White House, knowing that his relationship with Trump is his ticket to everything — influence within the party, lobbying cash, maybe even a Senate seat in New Hampshire. That last part especially should have given Nadler a reason to hold the hearing in closed session, or to cancel it altogether; Lewandowski was obviously going to treat the event as a campaign commercial for a possible Senate primary in NH (he even tweeted out the link to a campaign-ish website during a break in testimony) and do whatever he could with his time before the mic to earn Trump’s endorsement. That meant maximum grandstanding and combativeness. It worked:

The answer to the question in the headline, presumably, is that it was worth putting Lewandowski under oath in case he had something meaningful to reveal about Trump allegedly asking him to tell Jeff Sessions in 2017 that he should interfere in Mueller’s investigation. But that almost gives Corey too much credit: If he was put in a position, even under oath, between telling the truth and betraying Trump, what reason is there to think he would choose the truth? In fact, he was asked at yesterday’s hearing by the Democrats’ lawyer whether he had lied about the Sessions incident in an interview with MSNBC and his answer, bluntly, was that he feels no obligation to tell the truth to the media since they often don’t tell the truth themselves. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a congressional witness admit that he’s prone to lie in public about the subject of the hearing that’s being held.

You can hear gasps after his answer. So, again: What was Nadler expecting? Even an anti-Trumper as hardcore as Rick Wilson thinks Lewandowski “won” yesterday’s confrontation by turning it into a circus and demonstrating that Dems didn’t have the nerve to challenge him aggressively on his completely preposterous claims of executive privilege.

I kept wondering, “How is it you guys can just let this go? How is it you can just take this overt contempt and lying?” He has no privilege or immunity from testifying. He was always a private citizen. The White House letter ordering his omerta isn’t worth a damn…

Democrats should have adopted the “Sergeant at Arms, take that man into custody” strategy. Power is held by those who use it; it’s always a depreciating asset. A surly, arrogant Lewandowski taken into custody over the contempt and deception shown to a co-equal branch of government would be great entertainment and the kind of shock politics the Democrats need to break through…

By letting him escape the consequences of contempt, the House Democrats send the clear signal that ANYONE from the WH can slap them, spit on the floor, and effectively say, “F*** you.”

The best I can do as a theory for why Dems staged this circus is that they want to encourage Lewandowski’s Senate aspirations. Trump lost New Hampshire in 2016, remember — by a hair’s breadth, granted, but it was one of the few swing states that remained blue enough to prefer Hillary to him. Trump is facing a heavier lift in the state next year since his opponent is sure to be viewed more favorably by voters than Clinton was. If NH wasn’t willing to support him in 2016, odds are they’ll be unwilling to support a Trump mini-me for Senate in the person of Lewandowski, who has plenty of personal baggage Democrats can exploit and who’ll be facing an incumbent in Jeanne Shaheen with a 54 percent approval rating. Having Lewandowski on the ballot won’t even help mobilize Trump fans for the Senate race since they’ll already be turning out en masse for the presidential election. All Corey can do potentially is scare off moderate Republican voters who find him obnoxious and would be willing to support a more pedestrian Susan-Collins-type Republican.

So maybe House Dems wanted to give Lewandowski a campaign commercial yesterday. Tempt him into the race, then sit back and watch Shaheen cruise. Maybe he’ll repel so many centrist voters that it’ll help tip the state to Democrats in the presidential race again too.

Here he is this morning being interviewed by CNN, not one full day after testifying under oath that he lies to the media. I understand why Fox News has Lewandowski on, as it has an interest in serving Trump and his cronies. I don’t understand why CNN does unless Jeff Zucker has decided that POTUS is so good for ratings that he might as well use his network to try to get second-tier Trumpy celebrities elected to office too. In lieu of a single exit question, go read 33 separate exit questions from Jonathan Last stemming from yesterday’s Corey testimony. The most basic one: If Lewandowski is willing to lie to “the media,” by definition he’s willing to lie to the public that consumes that media. That being so, why should anyone believe he’s not lying at any given moment? And that being so, why should the media ever have him on?

The post What were Dems thinking when they invited Corey Lewandowski to testify? appeared first on Hot Air.

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Register for these 5K runs and other races happening in NoVA this July

Westlake Legal Group runners Register for these 5K runs and other races happening in NoVA this July runs running run races health and wellness Health Fitness Features fitness exercise 5ks
© Yury / stock.adobe.com

Getting yourself out for a run on a summer day can be rough.

It’s sticky and sweaty—and it’s easily avoidable when it comes to air conditioning and treadmills. But sometimes you’re just looking for that rewarding feeling of crossing the finish line and proclaiming, “I did it!” despite loathing the heat in the process.

Here’s a list of races in NoVA this July that won’t change the weather, but will challenge your summer endurance. (Just remember to stay hydrated!)

2019 Let Freedom Ring 17.76K & 7.4K
Thursday, July 4, 7:30 a.m.
Fourth of July races are a great way to spend the holiday getting active, and showing off your best red, white and blue running attire. At this event, runners can choose between two patriotic distances, the 17.76K (11 miles) or the 7.4K (4.5 miles) while raising money for Operation Turbo’s Boxes of Home project that sends comfort-themed packages to deployed American soldiers. // Lake Accotink Park: 7500 Accotink Park Road, Springfield; $30-$60

2019 Running of the Bull Challenge
Saturday, July 6, 7:25 a.m.
This isn’t quite the same as the famous event in Spain, but there will be a “bull” running the 5K route of this race (which will also have a 10K and 1-mile route) and if you beat it to the finish line, you receive 25% off a future local race. Portions of the proceeds will be donated to Strength in Sisters, a combination of two nonprofits dedicated to support the futures of young girls in Zambia who have a high likelihood of teen pregnancy and early marriage. // Pratt Park: 120 River Road, Fredericksburg; $15-$50

Autism Speaks 5k
Saturday, July 13, 7:30 a.m
According to a 2018 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, autism rates have increased by 15% since 2014, affecting one in every 59 children. In order to raise money for the nonprofit Autism Speaks and reach the NoVA community in an impactful way, Fairfax is hosting a 5K race where individuals or teams can run for the cause and help contribute to their $100,000-plus fundraising goal. // Fairfax County Government Center: 12000 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax.; $20-$40

2019 Run First, Wine Later 5K & 10K
Saturday, July 20, 8 a.m.
Life is all about balance. Luckily Tarara Winery has created a race for the wine lover in all of us. Run your 5K or 10K route and return to a tasting of four wines to relax and enjoy afterward. Proceeds benefit The Arc of Loudoun,  a nonprofit and full-service organization that hopes to maximize the potential of children with disabilities in the NoVA community. // Tarara Winery: 13648 Tarara Lane, Leesburg; $30-$50

Crystal City TwilighterSaturday, July 20, 8:30 p.m.
OK, so you might not want to run for a finisher’s medal, but how about beer and a slice of pizza? Grab your glow sticks and bright colors for this night race through Crystal City and you can reward yourself with cold drinks from Port City Brewing Company and free pizza from We the Pizza. You can even show off your skills post-run at the Karaoke competition. // 2121 Crystal Drive, Crystal City; $38-$50

Birthday Bash 5K
Sunday, July 21, 8 a.m.
If pizza or wine just aren’t a good enough incentive to get up and moving, this 5K has the only other option—dessert. Run your way through Fairfax Corner to get a cupcake, a free photo taken (in action, of course) and browse the tables from Nike, Adidas, Brooks and more. The event celebrates Potomac River Running Store’s 16th birthday and is fun for the whole family. // Fairfax Corner: 11900 Palace Way, Fairfax; $35-$50

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