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Virginia – Graham v. Community Management Corp.

Westlake Legal Group virginia-graham-v-community-management-corp Virginia – Graham v. Community Management Corp. Virginia Supreme Court Virginia management issues law Jeremy Moss HOA HEATHER GRAHAM v. COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT CORPORATION Heather Graham Court Opinions condominium Community Management Company community association common interest community

Graham v. Community Management Corp.

The Supreme Court affirmed the judgment of the trial court dismissing Plaintiff’s action seeking to recover attorney fees she incurred in defending a prior action. The trial court concluded that Rule 3:25 precluded Plaintiff from requesting attorney fees because she failed to request such fees in the underlying litigation.

Graham v. CMC

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Virginia Supreme Court Reversed Gun Possession Conviction

Westlake Legal Group Patrick_Henry_Building_Richmond-150x150 Virginia Supreme Court Reversed Gun Possession Conviction Virginia Supreme Court VA Supreme Court Conviction Reversal Laura Forte Conviction Reversal   A recent Virginia Supreme Court case reversed a conviction for gun possession for  the person sitting in the car nearest the glove box where the gun was found. In Carter V. Commonwealth, the Supreme Court found that the defendant’s proximity to the glove box, without any other evidence, was not enough. The Supreme Court ruled that the lower court’s inference that because someone in the car must have known about the gun,  everyone in the car  knew, was without evidentiary support.  “Gun in Glovebox Not Enough to Convict,” Deborah Elkins, “Virginia Lawyers Weekly,”  August 21, 2017.


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