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Divorce is one of the most difficult family decisions you will ever face. Inherent in almost every divorce action are considerations involving children, financial security and your life after divorce.  The issues and the changes experienced throughout a divorce can be overwhelming, but with the support of our attorneys and staff, you will never find yourself alone in confronting the myriad of issues related to a divorce.  There is no doubt that a divorce can be a traumatic and life altering event.  The decisions you make today will affect you and your family well into the future.  We will help you at every step and provide you with the necessary information and insight to address and properly confront the mass of critical decisions you will face so that you can make the best decisions to protect yourself and your family.

At Westlake Legal Group, we are compassionate and responsive to our clients’ needs.  The attorneys at Westlake Legal Group have significant family law experience and pride themselves on being able to explain the nuances of Virginia family law for the average citizen.  Although the practice of law is in many cases adversarial, when it comes to the family it is not necessarily in the best interest of all parties to take an adversarial approach to the resolution of domestic issues.  The attorneys at Westlake Legal Group are experienced in analyzing each individual case and determining whether a less adversarial approach is potentially available and advantageous for you.  Often times, an attorney is best utilized by bringing third party clarity to a situation and identifying likely outcomes in the absence of the heated, emotional realm of discussions with one partner or other family members.  One of the most significant issues with divorce litigation is that unchecked emotions cause the costs of divorce to skyrocket.  Westlake Legal Group takes pride in taking appropriate action to minimize costs of domestic litigation.  Unfortunately, cost control is also dependant upon the cooperation and desires of the other side. Nevertheless, Westlake Legal Group will always keep your needs and desires in the forefront of all representation and we have had significant success in handling domestic matters effectively while minimizing the cost to our clients.

Westlake Legal Group stands ready to assist you in determining whether your divorce can be uncontested and by agreement (to save money and emotional strain) or whether the court is your best option.  We will work with you to help ensure that your rights are protected during and after a divorce. Click here for an in depth discussion of a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding divorce