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Juvenile Offenses

Juveniles have a special status in the law of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Although actions may be considered criminal if tried against an adult, when charged against a juvenile, they have only the effect of a civil action. Nevertheless, the Defendant is afforded the rights and burden of proof of a criminal charge.


The Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court is a court of limited jurisdiction as established by the General Assembly.  As a consequence, it generally hears all matters involving juveniles; and one has a right to a de novo appeal to the Circuit Court in the event that one is not happy with the outcome of any action in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.


Attorneys at Westlake Legal Group have significant experience in defending charges against juveniles.  Our experiences cover all areas of juvenile representation including drug possession, assault, truancy, reckless driving, DUI, alcohol possession, and others.


Westlake Legal Group emphasizes that the age of a defendant does not affect the quality of the representation in a particular case.  It is important that parents and juveniles understand the experience that Westlake Legal Group has and its familiarity with the rules and procedures of operating in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.